Sean Cody: Phil

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Sean Cody reckons Phil is an adorable guy who puts out an almost completely innocent vibe. So, to try and pull him out of his shell a little, he teasingly asked him a few sexy questions …. “How familiar are you with sex terms?” Sean asked … “I’d say pretty well …” He started to laugh a bit. Sean continued …“Cream pie!” … “That one’s easy!” he said quickly. “Cumming inside someone.” But as Phil blushed a bit Sean called him out on it. “You like that don’t you?” … “Yeah,” he said sheepishly. “I feel like I’m doing something I’m not supposed to …” … “OK, what about bukkake?” said Sean … “I honestly have no idea,” he replied. “Sounds Russian … is it really dirty?” … that response really made Sean laugh!

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