ChaosMen: Simon

Simon is a full on gay guy who has a pretty mundane day job. Some nights he dances at clubs for extra cash, and everyone is always telling him he should do porn. He was looking for something more exciting to do … so he’s here trying out with ChaosMen today. He has a great body from years of gymnastics and is also pretty darn flexible. Simon says he doesn’t work out, but is “coasting” on the build he got from gymnastics. Lucky guy!

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English Lads: Casey Lee

Casey is a very handsome young man, he has a wide, somewhat disarming smile, and he should be happy too – his body is stunningly ripped – he plays a lot of basketball and football, but also works as a fitness instructor – so no wonder that his body is both incredible lean and muscular – this lad has no trouble at all showing off his abs, and well defined chest and arms in this English Lads photo shoot. He flexes for the camera, showing off this incredible body, then, Site Members get to see that he is a well hung young lad too – his uncut cock quickly gets thicker and longer once he is totally naked in front of the camera!

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