ChaosMen: Aubrey

Aubrey came in with his boyfriend recently to do this shoot at ChaosMen. The pair want to dip their toes (and dicks) into the waters of gay porn … and today is Aubrey’s turn! Aubrey says he is into mature guys, and says he is versatile. While at the start he was a little unsure where to look, this first time nude photo shoot ended up going well and really showed off his slightly hairy young body to the world nicely. He even spreads his cheeks and shows off his arsehole too!

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Bentley Race: Brian York

Recently Bentley Race has been visiting Texas in the United States. While there he made sure there would be plenty of time to meet up with some of the beautiful local guys. And the first guy he met up with is this very cute red headed Texan, Brian York. It turns out that 23yo Brian is a fan of the site, which is why he was the first to get in touch when he heard Ben was coming to his town. Ben and Brian had a fun time together and ended up enjoying themselves while filming this very horny shoot!

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ChaosMen: Baldwin

Baldwin is a 19yo body builder, but it is more into power-lifting than physique display. At 5ft 6in tall he is apparently at an advantage for lifting massive weight. He is young and still working out his sexuality, but he has settled on Bi since his interests seem evenly interested in both sexes, though he did watch primarily straight porn for his solo here with ChaosMen.

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