Bentley Race: Axel Jackson

Axel Jackson is a new mate at the Bentley Race site and, according to Ben, is one of the hot guys he met while touring Europe at the beginning of the year. This 27 year old Austrian lives in Berlin but travels regularly with his work all over Europe. He looks all mild mannered at the start of this shoot … but wait til you see he’s wearing arse-less underwear and sporting a very nice rock-hard uncut cock and hiding a deliciously hairy arsehole …

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Bentley Race: Skippy Baxter

Bentley Race has always hoped to get this sexy Aussie guy in front of the camera. But up until late last year he was reluctant to model … but finally some of his other mates encouraged this 26 year old Melbourne lad, Skippy Baxter to at least come and meet Ben. In today’s shoot, they took some photos of him in his footy gear … and Skippy is looking really buff … all his gym work is really paying off … he really has a beautiful physique … and a very nice cut cock with a huge fat, mushroom-shaped head on it!

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Bentley Race: Brian York

Recently Bentley Race has been visiting Texas in the United States. While there he made sure there would be plenty of time to meet up with some of the beautiful local guys. And the first guy he met up with is this very cute red headed Texan, Brian York. It turns out that 23yo Brian is a fan of the site, which is why he was the first to get in touch when he heard Ben was coming to his town. Ben and Brian had a fun time together and ended up enjoying themselves while filming this very horny shoot!

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Bentley Race: Ethan Cooper

Bentley Race was really surprised to bump in to his mate Ethan Cooper in New York recently. He had originally met this lanky hung stud in San Francisco early last year while on vacation there. Ethan quickly became very popular on Ben’s site and is definitely one of the sexiest guys he’s photographed in 2013. You’ll love Ethan’s lanky body and those long hairy legs. But wait till you see the thick cut cock and bog balls that fall out of his jockstrap as he reclines back in the chair!

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