Bentley Race: Rich Santana

Rich Santana is a young straight guy from the south of the US and doesn’t mind getting naked and showing off on gay websites. He and Ben from Bentley Race shot this set in Ben’s hotel room where it was nice and private and Rich could get naked and rub that cock hard of his. It’s size got even bigger when he grabbed a fleshlight and shoved it in. You have to check this out … Rich really loves to fuck!

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Bentley Race: Anthony Blaize

Bentley Race met Anthony Blaize in California last year and they hit it off right away. Anthony is one of Ben’s straight mates and tells him about some of the seriously hot girls he gets with. Anthony has this heavily tattooed body and cock which only adds to how beautiful he is. Many of the tattoos on his body were actually done by himself. He is a highly talented tattoo artist in San Francisco and often works on himself … amazing hey!

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Bentley Race: Ricky Cruz

With all the long hot summer days in Australia Ben from Bentley Race has had plenty of opportunities to get naked outdoors with his mates. In fact his mate Ricky Cruz did his first shoot with Ben out on the rooftop of Ben’s building. They had been planning to get together for some time. And the day was perfect to be naked outside. As you can see Ricky loves to show off and didn’t mind getting completely naked out on the roof with all the city workers in their buildings looking on … hot!

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