English Lads: Aaron Janes

It was one of those days earlier in the English summer where it was rarely warm, so much so that Aaron from English Lads was actually glad to be stripping down and relaxing in his underwear and topping up his tan! Though after jumping into the hot tub and them getting all clingy he is only to happy to whip them off and enjoy the water swirling round and knocking his cock and balls. In the video, Aaron hardly has to touch himself and he is sporting a very hard cock which he plays with very teasingly, gently pushing and pulling at it. He jumps out the water and dries off in the sun this time only to happy to grab hold his uncut cock and wank it til he cums, which isn’t long after all the foreplay!

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Bentley Race: Chris Bass

Aussie Chris Bass has been making his own home-filmed porn for his Tumblr page, and it’s really impressed Bentley Race, as it reminded Ben a lot of the way he himself got started … making porn at home in his bedroom and posting it on the net. So Ben invited Chris over to do a photo shoot with photographer Zac Frevo. Apart from having a larger then normal cock and a few special tricks, Chris is super sweet guy! He looks great as he gets naked revealing a nicely toned body and very long cut cock!

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