English Lads: Max Henderson

Max is a young man who is used to helping others develop their bodies, but today he discovers he quite likes showing off his own and as he strips down for the English Lads cameras he just gets cheekier! He is a nice balance of good muscle size and definition and a nice sprinkling of hair which looks great. When his boxers come down his uncut cock flops into view, he is ample sized and, as he lets it grow, Site Members can see he is nice and thick and once aroused his uncut cock stays nice and hard.

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English Lads: Jamie King

Jamie has grown to like being filmed and photographed at English Lads, though after sticking a vibrator up his ass he did say something like “ummmm, not sure I want to be doing that too often!”! Considering this welsh lad started off on camera quite shy and hardly wanting to show off naked he has come a long way and ends today’s shoot with a nice sticky mess. He does ooze lots of pre cum as well!

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English Lads: Doug Mitchell

Doug recently did a photo shoot for the English Lads sister website, Fit Young Men, and he proved very popular! He has one of those naturally athletic bodies from the many sports he plays and natural looking with hair in all the right places; no over manicuring going on here, Doug is proud of his body and it just looks great; why don’t more lads leave their body hair to grow naturally! Tall and muscular his body is strong and hard, when this cocky lad reveals his cock looks like it has also been allowed to grow and not be trimmed! Doug has one lovely great big uncut cock that hangs low when soft and sticks straight up when hard; we all love showers that are growers!

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