English Lads: Thomas Parks

Thomas is one of those young men who plays lots of sports and has one of those naturally athletic looking bodies where all his muscles look about the right size and in total proportion … he has very nice definition. As his clothes come off for the English Lads cameras, Thomas gets even more comfortable … he’s also one of these lads who enjoys showing off his body and when his boxers come off, up goes his flagpole! His body is generally pretty smooth; his chest has no hair; his legs are medium hairy and his hole, just a hint of hair in the crack! Site Members also get to see that Thomas has an uncut cock that is rather lively, it spends most its time hard and he sure seems to enjoy playing with it … tho he’s real gentle with it, it really responds to his touch!

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English Lads: Mike Wade

Mike Wade is a slim and fit young man full of confidence and liking the idea of taking his clothes off and showing off his lean and muscular body for the English Lads cameras. He is quite the hairy lad and has one of those cocks that, just the idea of being on camera, sees it shoot up instantly erect, and even before his boxers come off, you can see his most impressive bulge! In fact, site Members will confirm you don’t get to see him soft, as he has one real boner of an erection, and it just doesn’t go down and, when he shows off his very hairy hole, his cock gets even harder!

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English Lads: Dan Fellows

Dan is a sexy young man, tall and defined, with bright blue eyes and blond hair … he pacts quite the impact in person, plus he is quietly confident and naturally flirty. He has a pretty ripped smooth body, hairy legs and a nice long cut cock, and if you are lucky enough to have an English Lads Site Membership you’ll also get to see even more when he turns round and shows off his hairy hole!

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