English Lads: James Branson

James is a tall and very muscular young man, a personal trainer by day, this young man would make many of us very happy especially if he ran some naked workout classes! This English Lads shoot shows that he has a great, well-proportioned body; all his muscles seem just a perfect size, his legs, great core, big lats, arms and shoulders. When his boxers come off even his soft cut cock looks … well … big! A gentle touch and rub with some oil and his big soft one pumps up to an even bigger erect one; fully hard he has one of those real heavy cocks, looking like it needs scaffolding to keep it upwards! Luckily the occasional rub and he stays rock hard and after even more rubbing he squirts a nice load over his chest and abs! Anyone need a new PT?

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English Lads: Alfie Preston

Alfie is straight young man, a personal trainer by day and a boxer in his spare time, so there is little doubt this young man just knows what entertaining the crowds is all about! A naturally athletic body with hair in all the right places, Alfie is tanned from holidays and toned from working out and hung from luck of the draw! This lucky lad has a real big thick uncut one and is happy to show it off to the English Lads cameras; when soft his balls hang low, when hard, they tighten up close to his body and his weapon stands high and solid sticking to his abs!

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