English Lads: James Branson

The film crew at English Lads haven’t seen James for a while, as he is only just back from holiday, and certainly wasn’t in the UK looking at his colour … he is tanned and toned and as muscular as ever and today with dollops more confidence. Seems the break and the sunshine have made him even more horny than usual … in fact he said he has been so busy he hasn’t had a wank for five days! He was groping his cut cock from the beginning of this photo shoot and was happy to flash some cock within seconds of the start! So James enjoys himself, shows off his muscular and strong frame and check out that cock, looking larger and more erect than ever!

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English Lads: Sam Jones

Sam is a tall and lean young man who discovered a mate of his modelled for the English Lads website a few years ago and he thought he would try it out too! His mate doesn’t yet know his footsteps have been followed and Sam jumped in with real enthusiasm; his clothes come off and reveal a near hair free smooth body and a nice long uncut cock, seemingly soft for a few seconds and then it quickly rises up to one of those rock hard rocket cocks! He is enjoying himself …!

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