English Lads: Anton Michel

Anton did a shoot for the English Lads sister website, Fit Young Men, and seemed really confident, though at the time he wasn’t sure about going as far as a “happy ending!” So he builds himself up to it today in this shoot. He has one of those nicely balanced bodies, nice definition, nice muscle size and a nice piece of uncut equipment that looks great sticking up at the skies. His body is pretty hair free, has a nice pubic bush and some light fizz around his hole …

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English Lads: Damian Willaby

Damian is a fit young athlete who plays lots of sports, most recently Muay Thai, so he has one of those bodies with all muscles really well-defined … very strong legs and a nice smooth and muscular chest with broad shoulders. Seems like the sports have not only sculpted his fine body, but English Lads Site Members will also get to see that his cock is also big and strong. It stands up tall and rock hard … an uncut cock that looks great, be it soft or erect. Damian enjoys showing off his super-fit body, his only hairy parts are very hairy legs and a slight bit of fuzz round his man-hole!

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English Lads: Chester Loxley

Chester is an athletic young straight hunk who has played loads of sports and recently trained hard for MMA which has produced his rock hard abs. He is full of confidence and likes the idea of showing off his body for the English Lads cameras. According to his mates, two of whom the cameraman knows well, he is prone to pulling his cock out with the slightest prompting. Site members will see that Chester is one hung hunk … his cock when soft is around 6 inches long and pretty chunky .. but get him all hot and aroused and his uncut cock sticks up and touches nearly nine inches!

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English Lads: Travis Hodge

Travis is a good-looking young lad who plays a lot of different sports and was discovered by Callum, one of the other English Lads models. Callum and Travis ended up on the same sporting team and look what happened! Travis has one of those lean and muscular bodies with lots of hair where it looks great! You almost think he is a little shy, though looking at what happens when his boxers come down; his uncut cock shoots up like a rocket and doesn’t go down!

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