Sean Cody: Shaw

Shaw was out in California recently to push his body to new sexual experiences. “I like to have fun with my clothes off, so I figured I would come out here and see what kind of new situations I could get into.” And naturally the Sean Cody cameraman had to ask … “Do you think you would hook up with a guy?” Shaw just laughed it off for a bit, but you could tell he was thinking about it. “I don’t know. I mean maybe, you can’t knock it till you’ve tried it!” Shaw has a great body with some nice chest hair and killer abs and, something odd for a straight guy, was happy to spread his butt cheeks to show off his tight hairy man-hole too!

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ChaosMen: Kiefer

Kiefer is cute Italian guy from the eastern US who is studying nursing, but also tends at a bar to help put himself through school. Kiefer is Vegan and likes to work out and keep fit. ChaosMen found out that he likes jocks … but also likes mature guys too. Kiefer is versatile, and not at all modest, proudly saying that he excels at both bottoming and topping. He also loves to give head. He is pretty relaxed during this solo, and his cock gets hard fast, plus we also get some great views of his hot bubble but with a tight little pink hole surrounded by some sexy fur!

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ChaosMen: Sam

Sam is a nicely muscled dude with a Swedish, Irish and German background. He has alabaster skin with freckles, plus he’s still got some hair on his chest and very nice hairy legs! He is straight, and doing porn with ChaosMen is still quite new to him. Sexually, Sam is totally into MILF type ladies, with their average age being around 40. He works in business and finance, and clearly spends a lot of his spare time at the gym. His cut cock is a nice size and shape, and clearly gives him a lot of pleasure!

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