ChaosMen: Chet

Check out the baby blues on Chet! Wow, what a honey! He has very dark hair, and his blue eyes really pop! And if you like natural fur, this guy grew it out for this ChaosMen shoot. He is very hairy! Even his arm hair has a cowlick to it! You’ll love his beard too, and his bright white teeth also really pop nicely amongst all that dark fur. He’s got a very attractive, cut cock, with a big fat head on it … and once he is erect, he shows it off like a pro. Chet even makes it dance for the camera when he is on his knees!

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Bentley Race: Ethan Cooper

Bentley Race was really surprised to bump in to his mate Ethan Cooper in New York recently. He had originally met this lanky hung stud in San Francisco early last year while on vacation there. Ethan quickly became very popular on Ben’s site and is definitely one of the sexiest guys he’s photographed in 2013. You’ll love Ethan’s lanky body and those long hairy legs. But wait till you see the thick cut cock and bog balls that fall out of his jockstrap as he reclines back in the chair!

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Bentley Race: Chris Bass

Aussie Chris Bass has been making his own home-filmed porn for his Tumblr page, and it’s really impressed Bentley Race, as it reminded Ben a lot of the way he himself got started … making porn at home in his bedroom and posting it on the net. So Ben invited Chris over to do a photo shoot with photographer Zac Frevo. Apart from having a larger then normal cock and a few special tricks, Chris is super sweet guy! He looks great as he gets naked revealing a nicely toned body and very long cut cock!

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