UK Naked Men: Adrian Toledo

Although he doesn’t speak much English, this super sexy guy from UK Naked Men sure loves to put on a show. Lithe, tanned, toned and hung – Adrian Toledo is a scorching hot sub boy, with a winning smile and a hot, hot bubble butt and tight arsehole, which he just loves to show off to the unwavering gaze of the camera lens. A total exhibitionist and a great performer, this one is going to be hard to beat …

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ChaosMen: Cy

Cy is another one of those guys that is “allegedly” straight. During the video interview with ChaosMen, he was a lot more forthcoming about sex with other guys. A drunken incident he had mentioned before the shoot started, suddenly turned into “numerous occasions”. But who really care anyway … the guy is exceptionally cute and adorable! There is something about his blonde short cropped hair and facial features that just work. And his smile, wow! He just smiled his way through the photo shoot … he really shines!

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ChaosMen: Armani

Armani sure is a handsome guy. Great body, amazing body hair, sexy smile, nice teeth, great cock, nice arse, just a really awesome all-round package. And his personality is top notch as well. Friendly, easy to talk to, and really enjoys smiling at the ChaosMen camera. Despite his polished looks he, unfortunately, plays for the straight team, so while we might never get to touch, we can at least get to look!

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