Bentley Race: Shane Phillips

The real test for the guys wanting to show off naked on camera is if they will do it outdoors in the city … and that’s exactly what the sexy new mate at Bentley Race just did … he is the 25 year old Shane Phillips. Shane is a straight Canadian guy travelling around Australia during their 2014 summer. He had heard that Ben was looking for more guys to strip on camera and you’ll just love this chunky blond lad with his bubble butt and uncut cock.

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Lucas Kazan: Smith Silva

If you have a thing for ripped jocks, and who doesn’t? … or a thing for six pack abs and beer-can dicks … Smith is your man. Handsome and built like a brick, this 24 year old may be a little camera-shy at the start of this shoot from Lucas Kazan. But not so his fat uncut cock, hard from start to finish. Did you notice his furry legs and his sexy pubic hair? Amongst so many straight guys shaving/waxing/plucking, Smith isn’t afraid of being himself …!

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