SpunkWorthy: Andy

Category : Beefy, Broad Back, Cut Cock, Hairy Butt, Hairy Legs, Jock, Nice Butt, Nice Nuts, Shaved/Smooth, SpunkWorthy, Tattoos, White

Andy is a 21yo str8 lad who came to San Diego from the Midwest courtesy of the US Marines. He’d been thinking about trying to get into doing porn for a while, but admitted that he didn’t know where to start looking. So when a mutual friend approached him and slipped him SpunkWorthy card, Andy practically jumped out of his clothes right there. His only concern was that his girlfriend might find he was showing his dick to the world! Andy is a ginger from head to toe (and every crevice in between, as you’ll see). He’s gotten used to his military buddies’ teasing … fire crotch, day-walker, etc. He’s heard it all, but had never before heard that it’s a major turn-on for a certain crowd. When he peeled his clothes off, Andy’s cock was soon standing at half-mast. So, even though he had said he was a tad nervous about his first time in front of the camera, it seemed the excitement about it wasn’t going to let nerves get in the way. There’s a slight curve to Andy’s cock that many will find hot, even if he was self-conscious about it. The harder he got, the more pronounced the curve got, and the more the head of it flared up like a red, pulsating mushroom cap.

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ChaosMen: Mark Stevens

Category : Amazing Abs, Arm Pits, Beefy, ChaosMen, Cut Cock, Defined, Hairy Legs, Hunks, Muscular, Nice Nuts, Perfect Pecs, Shaved/Smooth, White

Mark is a personal trainer and does some massage work also. Though he is straight, he works with a lot of gay guys, and is very comfortable around them. He has been talked a few times into messing around with them, so it was natural next step for him to do some guy-on-guy video for ChaosMen. Clearly he spends a fair amount of time in the gym, and even grew his pubes out for this shoot. You can tell he is normally a shaver, so it was great to see some masculine body hair in place. And his cock is a great asset, ample and plump.

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SpunkWorthy: Colt

Category : Amazing Abs, Beefy, Broad Back, Cut Cock, Hairy Butt, Hairy Legs, Hunks, Muscular, Nice Butt, Nice Nuts, Perfect Pecs, Shaved/Smooth, SpunkWorthy, Tattoos, White

Colt is a 21yo solid piece of prime beef. Standing at 5ft 10in, he tips the scales at 220 lbs. and is getting beefier by the week! “I’ve always been kind of a thick guy,” he explains to the SpunkWorthy cameraman, “but I’ve put on about 50 lbs of muscle since I joined the Marines.” When Colt peeled off his clothes, it took a minute to warm up to having a camera pointed at his hard-on, laughing self-consciously a little when it came in for the first close-up. But it wasn’t long before he let his inner porn star loose. He seemed to like the close-ups when he could see himself stroking in the camera’s LCD screen, so you’ll see him show off his cock a bit more at that angle.

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SpunkWorthy: Avery

Category : Amazing Abs, Beefy, Broad Back, Cut Cock, Defined, Hunks, Muscular, Nice Butt, Nice Nuts, Perfect Pecs, Shaved/Smooth, SpunkWorthy, Tattoos, White

Avery is a hot looking straight 23yo military stud who’s been thinking about getting into porn for at least the past 2 years … which was when he first approached SpunkWorthy about the idea. He’s in great shape, standing 5ft 8in tall … he’s a solid 210 lbs and quite hard to miss! Something else hard to miss are his balls … when he shorts came off, there were his balls in full view … and they are one seriously dangly pair of low-hangers … plus he’s also got a very nice thick cut cock that has a sexy downward curve to it!

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