ChaosMen: Asher King

Asher King is so adorable … and what a great smile! ChaosMen have outdone themselves finding this lad for their site. Asher identifies as bisexual, but he really hasn’t had a lot of experience with guys. As least, not Yet! He has a nice body on him too. His longish hair is cute and curly at the ends. His cut cock is nearly 7 inches long, but he also has a very nice arse too!

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Bentley Race: Lucas Deen

One of Ben’s favourite mates to shoot with is Lucas Deen. The guys starting hanging out and shooting stuff for the Bentley Race site earlier this year. Lucas loves to show off for the camera and fool around during the shoots. Just as Ben was finishing up for the winter break Lucas came around for this shoot. It’s funny that he chose a bright pink tracksuit … but you have to admit, he looks pretty masculine in it anyway!

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Lucas Kazan: Smith Silva

If you have a thing for ripped jocks, and who doesn’t? … or a thing for six pack abs and beer-can dicks … Smith is your man. Handsome and built like a brick, this 24 year old may be a little camera-shy at the start of this shoot from Lucas Kazan. But not so his fat uncut cock, hard from start to finish. Did you notice his furry legs and his sexy pubic hair? Amongst so many straight guys shaving/waxing/plucking, Smith isn’t afraid of being himself …!

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