BelAmiOnline: Jerry Hannan

Jerry is a fresh and cute 19yo with a gentle tan and blond hair. BelAmiOnline have given him an amazing setting for this photo shoot, so much so that he looks rather like a fawn in this idyllic garden setting, except that this handsome lad may just be the first ever blue-eyed fawn. Apart from Jerry being cute of face and body, he has a very innocent look, yet in reality he is a mischievous and not shy about showing off his naked body, which include a nice uncut cock, and we even get a great view of his arsehole!

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ChaosMen: Ares

Ares had been trying to submit his pics to the ChaosMen site for almost a year. He said the emails kept bouncing, and then finally they got through recently and the cameramen was impressed and happy to help out! He is local, and his girlfriend does adult video too. So the two were made for each other! He seems split right down the centre on liking guys and girls. He likes a dude to take control, and of course fuck him, while eating out his girl, or even fucking her. Seems we have a kinky bottom on our hands! Check out that cock of his, nice and hard … and not afraid to show off his hole either!

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ChaosMen: Alec

Alec is kind of a twinky guy and very cute, exceptionally well hung, with nice natural pubes and his voice is super deep. But ChaosMen found that he did have kind of a nerdy, yet sexy, vibe about him! In this solo shoot he started off a bit nervous at first, but once he was naked and his cock started plumping up (and he’s got plenty down there to be proud of!), he forgot about the cameras and started to enjoy himself!

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