Southern Strokes: Rusty

The Southern Strokes guys reckon Rusty is an example of what most 21 year old hot southern boys look like … hot!!! Rusty is straight, but always horny, and if the money is right, is capable of giving you some very hot moments! In this shoot, Rusty got naked and revealed his tight little body. He has a nice chest and defined abs all of which was even hotter as his dog-tags bounced up and down as he jerked that hard cock of his!

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English Lads: Perry Junior

Perry is … well … blessed, he maybe lean and slim but he is over built in one department … with one big uncut asset swinging between his long and slender legs! No wonder he is happy to drop his briefs so fast and how big it is soft; just a slight bit of attention and it grows nicely, still pointing down and it must be at least eight inches long! A little bit of teasing and wanking later and judging on how much cum shoots out Perry is looking like one great new English Lads discovery!

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English Lads: Ryan Turner

Ryan is a young footballer who doesn’t mind stripping off and showing off his body for the English Lads cameras, and as soon as he is in boxers he is squeezing and pulling on what is still hidden inside! He doesn’t take any encouragement to drop his boxers and out springs a big uncut cock, and considering it’s still soft, his cock is huge, but a little play and it grows thicker and longer; fully erect he is over 8 inches and real thick. He loves to stroke it quite gently, then grab it with both hands and wank it real hard and fast. Not shy about showing anything, site members even get a great view of this straight hunks hole …

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