ChaosMen: Ciro

Ciro is former military, and spent 8 years in the Service, but now that he is out, he is doing his best to find his way in the big new world. His dream is to be a known DJ, and is putting all his efforts into making that happen. But in the meantime he still needs to make money, and porn is as good a way as any. He’s here with ChaosMen this week in his first nude photo shoot and we get to see that he has a nice 7.5 – 8 inch cock, and an attractive, fit and tattooed body, and he’s not too shy to turn around and spread the cheeks of his bubble butt apart and flash us a glimpse of his tight little arsehole!

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ChaosMen: Tegan

Tegan is half Syrian, gay, and has always wanted to do porn. In person, he is calm and deliberate … he takes his time before speaking, and never seems rushed. This solo is much the same. After the interview with the ChaosMen cameraman, he sits back down with his soft cock, occasionally nudging it, tugging on it, or tweaking the head. Letting it come to life on its own. If you like watching a cock slowly get hard with the bare minimum of action, then this video is for you.

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