Southern Strokes: Dixon

22yo Dixon had to make the drive up to see Southern Strokes after working on his family farm all day, and he snuck off after work so that no one would know that he was going to go and pursue his secret fantasy … of doing a porn video. Just like every properly raised southern stud, he showed up exactly on time and ready to do what the camera crew wanted him to. They decided to put Dixon in the tub so he got in the water in his skivvies and then pulled out his semi-hard cut country cock. He loved the feel of the suds against his nuts and shaft so he started stroking … then Dixon took a little break to give the camera a good look at his arse before he turned over and brought matters to a horny conclusion!

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Sean Cody: Coen

When Coen showed up at the Sean Cody studios, right away they knew they had a winner … from his amazing smile to a killer body, Coen looks just about perfect. “I get complements on my smile all the time, that and my laugh!” He said as he started laughing. The crew and Coen started out the day down at the beach and it wasn’t long before he popped a boner … seems this young lad is always horny. “I dunno man, it’s something about being this sexually charged up, even the slightest breeze is making me hard!”

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