Lads Next Door: Jason Badini

Jason is a very dark horse – and that’s not referring the colour of his skin. He turned up to this shoot with Lads Next Door straight from work in his suit and tie … and the minute he dropped his pants his big 8 inch cut cock was rock-hard. He’s got shaved pubes, and then when he turns round, we get to see his straight-man’s arsehole!

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Bentley Race: Jimmy Allen

A couple of months ago Bentley Race got an email from a sexy Nigerian guy who was moving to Australia. He sent a few photos showing his body and quite large cock. Ben rarely gets to shoot with guys from Africa so he jumped at the chance. 25 year old Jimmy Allen says he is bisexual and has a gorgeous little bum and a big cut cock.

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Homopunk: John: Super Twink

The Homopunk Webmaster has been wanting to do a new shoot with Super Twink model John for quite some time now. But John had moved to Munich for a while, so it was not that easy to arrange it !! They had been chatting on line and eventually he was back in Paris for a few days and he was now happy to see him again in front of his camera lens. After a lot of teasing shots, John finally showed his gorgeous uncut cock. You can be sure, John is going to be very popular with the members of the Homopunk site !

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Gay Hoopla: Ken Ott

Ken Ott is a stunning young man of Filipino/German mix. Soft spoken, but confident and sure of himself, he’s worked very hard to look the way he does, and more importantly, he loves it when people stare. Not an attention whore, but absolutely loves to be re-assured he’s a looker. This piece of eye candy from Gay Hoopla is shredded, but big and bulky in all the right places … and to be sure, you’ll find you can’t stop staring!

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