ChaosMen: Rich

Rich is super friendly and while staying in Austin for this ChaosMen shoot, he was really surprised by how friendly everyone one was. His attitude really fit in, and after leaving sub-zero temps in his native Minnesota, he was really impressed with not only Southern weather, but southern attitude. Rich spends his free time naturally body-building, and is currently in a bulking phase for a show. He grew his pubes out for a bit for this shoot, and you’ll love his natural body hair.

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CockyBoys: Ty Roderick

Ty Roderick doesn’t define himself as gay or straight, and instead opts for the word “sexual.” He loves having sex … with both men and women! Ty also considers himself an exhibitionist, and he loved being completely naked for the CockyBoys cameras in front of the window where he could see the entire Manhattan skyline …

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ChaosMen: Simon

Simon is full on gay guy who has a pretty mundane day job. Some nights he dances at clubs for extra cash, and everyone is always telling him he should do porn. He was looking for something more exciting to do and he ended up here with ChaosMen … luckily for us! He has a great body from years of gymnastics and is also pretty darn flexible. Simon says he doesn’t work out, but is “coasting” on the build he got from gymnastics.

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Fit Young Men: Kallum Pinner

Kallum Pinner from Fit Young Men is a straight 23yo Footballer from England. He is 5ft 11in tall, weighs 74kg, has a 30in waist and a 40in chest.

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