ChaosMen: Mark Stevens

Mark is a personal trainer and does some massage work also. Though he is straight, he works with a lot of gay guys, and is very comfortable around them. He has been talked a few times into messing around with them, so it was natural next step for him to do some guy-on-guy video for ChaosMen. Clearly he spends a fair amount of time in the gym, and even grew his pubes out for this shoot. You can tell he is normally a shaver, so it was great to see some masculine body hair in place. And his cock is a great asset, ample and plump.

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English Lads: Lewis Compton

Lewis is a young man recently out of the army and with a little time on his hands he thought he would come and show off his body to the English Lads cameras. A keen footballer (Soccer Player), he looks great in his kit and didn’t take much encouragement before he was grabbing his cock, forming a very nice bulge! As he strips down you can enjoy his naturally hairy body, no trimming with this lad and he is just as happy naked as clothed, letting the Site Members enjoy his nice and long uncut floppy one! Though it’s not soft for long, the second Lewis touches his cock it gets hard, real hard; he is another straight lad with one of these rocket cocks … join and get to see it, and his hairy man-hole too!

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ChaosMen: Sawyer

Sawyer has done a solo before and was a natural in front of the camera as ChaosMen took him through his paces. He looks both relaxed and turned on at the same time. But Boy … does Sawyer have a hairy butt!

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English Lads: Logan Hardy

Logan is a young man who comes across as a little shy when you first meet him … but get to know him and have him take a few clothes off and he suddenly changes! He becomes quite confident as his clothes come off and it’s not surprising, as he has one of those nicely muscled and well defined bodies, mostly smooth bodied, with hairy legs. Logan drops his boxers and English Lads site members get to see that his uncut cock rears straight up … and he just smiles! This is one horny straight lad and that uncut cock doesn’t go back down!

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