Southern Strokes: Dirk Evans

When Dirk first contacted the Southern Strokes producers, they spoke with him on the phone and found him to be so shy that they just couldn’t see him getting through a photo session. Dirk, however, insisted that this was something that he wanted to do, so they booked him for an audition. When Dirk showed up, Dirk took off his shirt revealing a flawless set of abs and a perfectly defined chest. When he dropped his pants, he revealed a nice bush and a good sized cut cock. Dirk took off the rest of his clothes and leaned back on the table and started working on making his cock hard …

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Lucas Kazan: Giorgio Salieri

Despite his Italian-sounding name, Giorgio hails from the Czech Republic. But he told Lucas Kazan that he’s lived abroad for some years and has even worked in London as a professional chef. Tall, hung, sculpted (look at his six pack!), Giorgio is truly bi-sexual and refreshingly versatile: in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, but no less at ease with the boys. Don’t be fooled by his cherubic looks: Giorgio is no angel! He’s a sexually-driven young man, with a dirty mind and few (if any) taboos.

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Southern Strokes: Cash Walker

Cash Walker is the reason that the Southern Strokes webmaster loves Southern Country boys. Cash contacted him and immediately won him over with his unfiltered open minded attitude especially when it cums to his sexual adventures. When Cash showed up at the Ranch, he walked in like he had been there 100 times. Cash was naked within an hour of being at the Ranch and he was ready to have a little fun as he pulled on his big fat rock hard cock … it was already oozing pre-cum!

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Bentley Race: Axel Jackson

Axel Jackson is a new mate at the Bentley Race site and, according to Ben, is one of the hot guys he met while touring Europe at the beginning of the year. This 27 year old Austrian lives in Berlin but travels regularly with his work all over Europe. He looks all mild mannered at the start of this shoot … but wait til you see he’s wearing arse-less underwear and sporting a very nice rock-hard uncut cock and hiding a deliciously hairy arsehole …

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