SpunkWorthy: Nevin

Hold on to your cowboy hats … 19yo Nevin was recently introduced to SpunkWorthy through a mutual friend who hangs out with a lot of military guys. When the friend asked Nevin about doing porn, the response was, thankfully, “Hell, yeah!” Nevin is pure country. He showed up for his shoot in cowboy boots and camouflage sunglasses. “For huntin’ …” he explained with a smile, making his adorable dimples show. Nevin’s a pretty hairy guy for his age, and although he wasn’t sure he’d be able to get and maintain an erection … he was quite wrong … his cock was ROCK hard from start to finish; a budding exhibitionist perhaps!

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BelAmiOnline: Vadim Farrell

Check out this amazing set of images of Vadim Farrell from BelAmiOnline … they really show what an amazingly gorgeous and sexy man he really is … that defined body, smooth and muscular, perfectly sculpted … that uncut cock, so long and thick … wow, what a hunk!

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Bentley Race: Kody Blue

Kody Blue isn’t what you could call shy, and this shoot for Bentley Race was actually shot in the public bathrooms behind building where Ben lives. Kody was dressed in sports kit when he started this shoot, but it didn’t stay on for long! Something tells me that Kody is going to be a huge hit …

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English Lads: Niall Walsh

Niall is a confident young man who plays football as a career and has just discovered that he can also make some money showing off his lean and toned body for some cash at the English Lads website! He is smooth bodied, with slightly hairy legs – and his legs are real powerful and look great from all angles. Niall seems to have a naughty streak and when he took off his boxers he turned away from the camera and gave is a great view of his hairy bum!

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