Bentley Race: Skippy Baxter

Bentley Race has always hoped to get this sexy Aussie guy in front of the camera. But up until late last year he was reluctant to model … but finally some of his other mates encouraged this 26 year old Melbourne lad, Skippy Baxter to at least come and meet Ben. In today’s shoot, they took some photos of him in his footy gear … and Skippy is looking really buff … all his gym work is really paying off … he really has a beautiful physique … and a very nice cut cock with a huge fat, mushroom-shaped head on it!

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English Lads: Ryan Lewis

Ryan is a bit shy at the beginning of this shoot with English Lads … but as with many models, once their clothes come off and their cock is in their hand, they start to relax! So Ryan was slightly cautious at first, but he is soon enjoying showing off his body and Site Members will get to see that he isn’t shy about any of it … as they can enjoy his hole, surround by a blond fuzz, too! And when not showing his hole he is working that massive cut cock of his … which must be at least 8 inches long when fully hard!

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