Legend Men: Six Hot Young Hunks

Legend Men has lots of handsome and lean guys showing off their big hard cocks … check out this group of lean, but well-hung, hot young hunks …

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ChaosMen: Crew

Crew has done some stripping at gay clubs, and now is doing construction work, which help him maintain his great looking body.  He’s really quite adorable, hind of shy, but with that “come watch me” twinkle in his eye.  ChaosMen found out he’s straight, but has messed around with a few guys in his time.  It’d be nice to see more of him, he sure has lots of potential in gay porn!

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Sean Cody: Mitch

Mitch is one of those guys who just makes you melt. Chiselled face, ripped body, big dick, giant nuts, and personable and smart to top it all off. Sean Cody found out he is 24yo, straight, and works in a bank. He loves football and played both in high school and college.

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ChaosMen: Rowan

Rowan is a mix of twink and tough guy. ChaosMen reckon is actually very sweet, but he sure makes tough faces while working his cock! He’s only a little guy, just 125 pounds, but he’s got a good 7.5 inches of hard cut cock. He has all of his pubic and arse hair intact, so if you like a furry bum, you will enjoy this guy!

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