Suburban Boys: Osiris Blade: The Walls Have Ears

Osiris Blade is chillin’, just enjoying himself by going through the pages of a porno mag. He thinks he hears something coming from the neighbour’s place, but continues to look through the magazine regardless. Then he realises that what he can hear is two guys fuckin’ … loudly! One thing leads to another and he hauls out that big beautiful cock … and that things just gets longer and longer … so, stop readin’ and start strokin’ and enjoy “The Walls Have Ears” starring Osiris Blade from Suburban Boys.

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ChaosMen: Tegan

Tegan is half Syrian, gay, and has always wanted to do porn. In person, he is calm and deliberate … he takes his time before speaking, and never seems rushed. This solo is much the same. After the interview with the ChaosMen cameraman, he sits back down with his soft cock, occasionally nudging it, tugging on it, or tweaking the head. Letting it come to life on its own. If you like watching a cock slowly get hard with the bare minimum of action, then this video is for you.

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Jock Men Live: Cocky Boy Alex

Check out Alex from Jock Men Live … check out what he has to say about himself … “I don’t like to pretend that I am somebody other than myself. I like to communicate with people who have brains – if you’re honest, I will be too. No bs, no games here. I love bodybuilding and I’m in love with this sport, working hard to improve myself. My muscle is clean and fit, like a professional fitness model, so if you prefer hard and clean and young to big and beefy and musclebound, come message me, and let’s have a great time! Cocky Boy Alex”

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Gay Hoopla: Tommy Dovas

Off-road Bike-riding stuntman Tommy Dovas is a total heart-throb. With a killer body and a great smile, this new Gay Hoopla model has some serious attitude! He’s also got a real hard cut cock and is not afraid to show it off for us here today!

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