Bad Puppy: Stan Mercuri

Stan Mercuri is quick to drop trou in this hot solo shoot from Bad Puppy. Stan can’t wait to pop that uncut cock out of his pants and start stroking and touching himself all over. Stan is downright sexy to watch, over and over again! Enjoy!

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Fit Young Men: Ryan Huddart

Ryan Huddart from Fit Young Men is a straight 19yo lad from England who enjoys spending time at the Gym. He stands 6ft tall, weighs 80kg, has a 30in waist, a 42in chest and he has a 6.5 inch uncut penis. The site now has 471 models and 582 shoots of fit and sexy young men … all ripped and athletic … and most are in the nude!

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ChaosMen: Steven

Steven is a former Marine who seems like he might be questioning his sexuality. He was pretty concerned his friends might find out about this ChaosMen video, but nevertheless still seemed ready to take the leap and try something out at a gay porn site. Steven has a long lean cut cock … and he pretty much concentrates on the head when he strokes it … plus it’s one that has that curved banana-shaped bend to it. His body and grooming style is still all-Marine (i.e. pretty much hairless)!

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SpunkWorthy: Dale

22yo Dale recently told his buddy, Colt (another SpunkWorthy model), that he wanted to make some extra cash. “Well,” Colt told him, “I know this place in San Diego …” So here he is … a couple of weeks later … straight lad Dale is a brand new to porn … he had never even thought about it until a couple weeks earlier. He’s a bit of stoic and a tough one to read … a real mixture of cocky and nervous … but certainly not shy about showing off his goods … check him out!

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