ChaosMen: Bane

Bane has done traditional modelling and decided he was horny enough to try some adult video with ChaosMen. He is a confident guy and usually only jerks-off once a week. Bane says he usually has the girls do all the work! He’s got a nice body, hairy legs, and although his cut cock looks small at first … it’s a grower!

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Bentley Race: Jimmy Allen

With such long hot days now in Australia Bentley Race is now doing a lot of shooting outdoors. His rooftop is one of his favourite places to get his mates naked outside. And 25 year old Jimmy Allen from Nigeria was not shy at all when it comes to getting his gear off on the roof. The shoot started out with Jimmy posing and stripping in the back stairwell, but soon they went outside for a few shots on the roof. Jimmy was happy to hang out there for a long time getting naked and working his big cock rock hard!

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ChaosMen: Addison

Addison is a local guy and he came over to this ChaosMen shoot with his girlfriend in tow. He’s straight, clearly works hard on his body, and at any age he looks awesome. The dude is a natural show-off and had a lot of fun doing his muscle poses. He got his cock up quick and though it has a wicked curve to it, it is actually a bit longer than 7.5 inches.

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Fit Young Men: Henry Raglan

Henry Raglan from Fit Young Men is a straight 22yo lad from England who enjoys Muay Thai. He stands 5ft 7in tall, weighs 64kg, has a 29in waist and a 38in chest. The site now has 450 models and 556 shoots of fit and sexy young men … all ripped and athletic … and most are in the nude!

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