Bentley Race: Skippy Baxter

One of the sweetest and sexiest of the mates on Bentley Race is Skippy Baxter. It literally took Ben years to talk Skippy in to modelling for the site. Secretly Ben just wanted to see his gorgeous mate naked. Getting his shoot up on the site was just the icing on the cake. Well Skippy is looking much more muscled these days. So Ben decided to get him around to strip naked one more time and getting him to pose alone is really a treat. He still gets a little nervous at the start of the shoot, but is now used to the routine of being naked while Ben takes lots of photos of his gorgeous face, body and hard cock!

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Fit Young Men: Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson from Fit Young Men is a straight 19yo from England who enjoys Wrestling . He stands 6ft 4in tall, weighs 80kg, has a 32in waist and a 40in chest. The site now has 429 models and 529 shoots of fit and sexy young men … all ripped and athletic … and most are in the nude!

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Next Door Twink: Sam Truitt

Meet a very handsome, sexy twink named Sam Truitt. He’s an easy going sort of guy who loves turning on all who care to feast their eyes. He’s introducing himself and sharing a few fun facts with the Next Door Twink camera crew today. Sam is a huge Batman fan, evidenced by the large, realistic looking tattoo, and hopes to one day appear in a big, Hollywood Batman blockbuster. Sam also loves spending time with his real-life boyfriend and fellow porn model Trent Ferris. Watch Sam get comfortable before pulling out his big, hard dick for some nice sensual stroking. Sam is an amazing young man you won’t soon forget. Enjoy!

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ChaosMen: Noah Riley

Noah has done video work before, so he is very smooth at doing this ChaosMen solo. He has a small frame, grew his pubes out and also let his chest hair come back before this shoot. He also looks awesome with his scruffy face. His cock leaks pre-cum thru-out this photo session – nude modelling certainly seems to turn this hottie on!

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