Sean Cody: Sawyer

Sawyer is a handsome and sexy young man doing his first nude photo shoot over with Sean Cody. He’s got a very sexy smile, and looks very cute as he strips naked for the cameras, as tho he’s shy, but honestly this guy has nothing to be shy about, terrific body, toned, defined, trim … and just check out his gorgeous cock too!

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Sean Cody: Clay

Clay is a super-hot athletically inclined guy doing his first nude photo shoot over with Sean Cody. His sexy smile and handsome face go well with his washboard abs, defined torso and hairy legs. But it’s his big black cock that take the cake … check it out!

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Sean Cody: Brody

Brody is a handsome young College guy with a super-fit, defined and muscular body and he’s doing his first nude photo shoot with Sean Cody this week. Check out those pecs, that sexy smile, the smooth body and his hard cock!

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Sean Cody: William

William is one of those guys who appear really nice, but in reality are “silent but deadly”, so to speak. The Sean Cody cameraman asked him what he likes sexually … and he was very straight-forward about it. “When I fuck people, I like to start out nice and slow to set the mood, then I just go HAM.” The cameraman was curious as to what that meant, so William explained the acronym. “Hard As A Mother-fucker.” Seems William means business! And with a fit body like his, you just know that he is hard-core and disciplined.

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