Sean Cody: Howard

New model over with Sean Cody this week is a tall, good-looking jock named Howard. His slim, totally hairless torso is fit and toned and in stark contrast to his hairy legs. His cock is a big one too, cut and rock-hard and ready for action!

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ChaosMen: Kato

Kato is a straight guy who dances at some of the local gay clubs in the town near ChaosMen. He is a lean guy, with an amazingly fat wedge of a cock. Kato is a real exhibitionist and really liked filming this video, and you can tell he was having fun playing to the cameras – a natural show-off!

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ChaosMen: Justis

Justis has a really sexy smile, and with his blond hair and calm attitude, he’s very easy on the eye, plus the ChaosMen cameraman found him to be super-friendly and easy to chat with too! He says he is 6ft 1in tall, tho his slim frame makes him seem taller. Justis identifies as straight, and said he has never done anything with another dude, but we can still admire his dark blond hair, blue/grey eyes and that amazing smile, plus, if you look carefully enough below, you will see that his dick has a big piss slit that constantly drips pre-cum … and his furry butt hole is to die for!

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ChaosMen: Bane

Bane has done traditional modelling and decided he was horny enough to try some adult video with ChaosMen. He is a confident guy and usually only jerks-off once a week. Bane says he usually has the girls do all the work! He’s got a nice body, hairy legs, and although his cut cock looks small at first … it’s a grower!

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