MenofMontreal: Mike Aucoin: A Bi-Curious Jock

MenofMontreal met up with Mike Aucoin a couple of weeks ago and were seduced by his friendly charm and heart-felt sincerity, not to mention his sexy look and steely grey eyes. This guy just turned 25, and has been working in construction as a demolition worker for the past few years. Mike was looking forward to shooting this scene. In fact, they couldn’t bring him in soon enough for his liking. This handsome dark-haired jock has naturally smooth skin and he stands a good 5ft 11in tall. Weighing in at 182 lbs., and he’s no wimp. When we spoke to Mike for the first time, and asked him what way he swings, he hesitated with his answer, clearly reflecting on what to say. His question to us was: I’m not sure. I’m mostly straight, but could I say that I’ve become curious about making out with men? We told him that that has been coined ‘bi-curious’. He then spontaneously ventured: ‘Yes, that’s it! I’m bi-curious!’ Hence a bi-curious jock is born.

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Fit Young Men: Tomas Kowalczyk

Tomas Kowalczyk from Fit Young Men is a straight 19yo from Poland who enjoys Mixed Martial Arts . He stands 5ft 10in tall, weighs 69kg, has a 30in waist and a 40in chest. The site now has 428 models and 528 shoots of fit and sexy young men … all ripped and athletic … and most are in the nude!

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Sean Cody: Brody

Brody is a handsome young College guy with a super-fit, defined and muscular body and he’s doing his first nude photo shoot with Sean Cody this week. Check out those pecs, that sexy smile, the smooth body and his hard cock!

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English Lads: Travis Hodge

Travis is a young straight man who seems to enjoy taking off his clothes on camera. As you can see in this shoot from English Lads, as his trousers come down, his pants start to bulge out and it’s obvious he has more than a bit of a semi! Members get to see, as he pulls down his boxers, it’s obvious he isn’t semi at all … he is fully erect and his uncut cock stands proud, tall and very hard!

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