English Lads: Riley Howard

Riley is a young man who plays loads of football, he looks great in his striking green kit and even better when he pulls out of his shorts his nice uncut cock, which is soon erect and he shows off. English Lads site Members will see that he can even do some dick tricks with his erect cock … as it peeks out the leg of his shorts! Riley is tall and lean with very hairy legs and a light fuzz over his body, his soft cock is nice and long, though not for long as he seems to have one of those rocket cocks that once hard, stays hard and points upwards against his abs.

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Sean Cody: Will

Will is adorably dorky! He looks like he could be an underwear model … tall, lean, tan, and good looking. But when he speaks it’s a totally different story. He has this midwest/southern accent, with a very down-home way of explaining everything. Sean Cody thinks that he’d be very shy around girls. He’s soft spoken and doesn’t seem like the party type.

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English Lads: Max Henderson

Max is a young man who is used to helping others develop their bodies, but today he discovers he quite likes showing off his own and as he strips down for the English Lads cameras he just gets cheekier! He is a nice balance of good muscle size and definition and a nice sprinkling of hair which looks great. When his boxers come down his uncut cock flops into view, he is ample sized and, as he lets it grow, Site Members can see he is nice and thick and once aroused his uncut cock stays nice and hard.

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Sean Cody: Dan

Dan has loved cars his entire life and his passion is restoring old classics. “ I’m working on two of them now.” he told Sean Cody, with a huge smile on his face! He’s also a really sweet guy and a bit of a romantic. “I love to cook,” he said. “There’s nothing better than a nice, quiet dinner at home … for two!” … wonder if his perfect partner is a boy or a girl? … You can see him in some RAW man-on-man action over at Guys Fuck Raw right now if you want!

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