Sean Cody: Chase

Chase is a very sweet, calm, low-key kinda guy. He just seems to take everything in stride. “ Doesn’t anything ever upset you?” Sean Cody asked. “Nah,” he replied. “Life’s too short to get worked up over stupid shit!”. He’s 29 now and he’s already had a pretty interesting life. “School wasn’t really for me, so I joined the military.” He also likes to work out a lot, and it’s paid off … just check out his muscles!

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Sean Cody: Dusty

Dusty is a very good looking young college jock and he is at Sean Cody this week to do his first solo nude shoot. He has an amazing smile, handsome face, blonde hair, smooth defined torso and, of course, a deliciously hard cut cock … he also gives the cameras a great look at his tight virgin straight-lad’s arsehole … which, if you are interested, gets fucked … bareback … a few days after this shoot … you can see him losing his virginity by clicking here!

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