SpunkWorthy: Jordan

Category : Arm Pits, College Dudes, Cut Cock, Defined, Facial Hair, Hairy Butt, Hairy Legs, Nice Butt, Nice Nuts, Perfect Pecs, Slim, SpunkWorthy, White

Jordan is a 23yo college baseball player who was introduced to SpunkWorthy through a mutual friend. Jordan had mentioned to him that he was wanting to give porn a shot to help pay some bills, as well as check it off his bucket list, so our friend told him he knew someone who could probably help him out … and here he is! Even though he came across a little on the quiet side, Jordan said that he liked the idea of people watching him. He once even had sex with a girlfriend while a handful of his buddies sat along the sidelines, cheering him on and recording the whole thing! But today, it’s just him and the camera … and it’s great to see a guy with a nice bush in the front, and his hairy arse was a real treat too. Especially when he bent over to give the camera a sneaky peek between his fuzzy cheeks. He’s got a great cock on him too … cut and a good 7 inches long by 5 inches around … and straight as an arrow when hard!

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SpunkWorthy: Keegan

Category : Amazing Abs, Arm Pits, Broad Back, Cut Cock, Defined, Hairy Legs, Jock, Nice Butt, Nice Nuts, Perfect Pecs, Shaved/Smooth, Slim, SpunkWorthy, White

Keegan is 21yo, stands 6ft 1in tall and weighs 185lbs. He’s straight, a horny guy, loves to chase the girls, but short on cash … so is here with SpunkWorthy today to make some easy money! As Keegan stands up and removes his clothes, you’ll notice his smooth chest, six pack abs, and thick, muscular legs. Throw in his soulful blue eyes and hard cut cock … he’s just about the perfect package!

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SpunkWorthy: Sean

Category : Arm Pits, Beefy, Broad Back, College Dudes, Cut Cock, Hairy Butt, Nice Butt, Nice Nuts, Shaved/Smooth, SpunkWorthy, Stocky, Tattoos, White

Sean was referred to SpunkWorthy by a college buddy who knew he was looking for a way to make some money; the buddy told him he knew a way … gay porn! When Sean arrived for this solo shoot, he was a little tired from a night of partying, his jeans hugging his thick legs … “I’m awake,” he said with a laugh “… just barely.” But as soon as he started talking about his sexual fantasy of having a threesome, he really started to perk up. He stripped his clothes off and revealed his smooth 18yo body, along with his own major piece of cut wood, which was raring to go!+

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SpunkWorthy: Tommy

Category : Amazing Abs, Arm Pits, Broad Back, Cut Cock, Defined, Hairy Butt, Hunks, Nice Butt, Nice Nuts, Perfect Pecs, Shaved/Smooth, Slim, SpunkWorthy, White

Tommy is a straight 29yo So Cal transplant who’s been soaking up the local beach scene and making occasional appearances in some str8 porn videos. Tho he’d never considered doing gay porn before, when the SpunkWorthy producers slipped him their card a few weeks ago, it was only a matter of day before he called them up and arranged this solo shoot … Tommy may not have thought about doing gay porn before, but he seemed to like having the cameras pointed at him. When he peeled off his shorts, his cut cock was already standing at half-mast, and when he let go of it to have it measured, it came in at 7 inches long and 6 inches around … something definitely to be proud of!

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