Sean Cody: Keith

Keith is the little brother of another Sean Cody model, Sam. Sam had done his video and had gone home, and hadn’t intended on telling his brother anything about it. But, you know how little brothers can be, and Sam eventually broke down and told him. “No way! I want to do it too!” was how Keith told Sean he responded to the news. Keith had only just turned 18 several months before Sean had met Sam, and was a little hesitant when he found out that Keith was still in high school. “ I’m a senior,” he told Sean. “My birthday was right on the edge, so I started school later than most other kids my age.” Keith is looking forward to graduating soon so he can go to college. “I want to be a pilot,” he said. Another interesting bit of information he offered is that he’s also still a virgin. “Yep, this gentleman is still a virgin,” he said with a great big smile and a rock hard cock!

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