Sean Cody: Issac

The Sean Cody film crew found Issac to have a natural curiosity to him that really is sexy and adorable at the same time. “I’m the type of guy that when I see people doing cool shit, I learn it and try to do it even better.” “So what can you do?” the cameraman asked. And with that Issac started showing off his flips as well as ton of other impressive tricks. He has a great body and great abs and they really popped when they took him to the cliffs to show off. “I’m usually not this much of a show-off, but fuck this is fun!” Issac even admitted to being a bit of a nudist. “I mean I don’t like to run around with my dick hanging in the wind, but I like swimming naked and stuff like that. Just a little bit of risk.” … and why not? He has a great dick, and two wonderfully large, hairy and dangly balls below it!

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