Sean Cody: Conor

According to Sean Cody, there was just something about Conor’s eyes and his subtle smile that led Sean to believe he’s a bit mischievous. “So are you a big flirt?” Sean asked, already knowing the answer. “I don’t mean to be,” he replied. “It just kinda happens.” … “So when you do flirt, who do you go after?” … “I like guys who are a little bit older,” he said. “I like to be versatile with a guy that knows what he’s doing.” So that was a nice surprise. But that wasn’t the only one … “I have a trick, wanna see?” he asked with a mischievous glance. Then, without missing a beat, he threw his legs up behind his head and started sucking his own dick! In fact, not only was he sucking his own cock, he was giving himself a full blow job while fingering his hole at the same time!

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