SpunkWorthy: Galen

Galen is a straight 20yo Marine stationed in San Diego, complete with the tell-tale military farmer tan. He’s had a bit of a conservative, somewhat sheltered life up until recently and decided it was time to cut loose now that he’s away from home. He only lost his virginity 3 months ago and when the SpunkWorthy cameraman asked him about being in porn, he figured he might as well give that a shot while he was at it. Galen said he was a little nervous being in front of the cameras for the first time, but it seems his initial nervousness was actually excitement … as when he dropped his pants, he was already sporting a half-mast woody.

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Fit Young Men: Dylan Spencer

Dylan Spencer from Fit Young Men is a 19yo English lad with some Greek heritage thrown in for good measure.  He’s gay and loves to Swim.  He’s 6ft tall and weighs 77kg.

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Fit Young Men: Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson from Fit Young Men is a straight 23yo Footballer (Soccer Player) from England. He is 6ft 2in tall, weighs 78kg, has a 31in waist and a 38in chest.

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Active Duty: Sean

Lovers of young twinks will think they have hit the jackpot with this adorable new recruit from Active Duty. Young, innocent-looking, yet still masculine, Sean is a mere 19 years old, stands 5ft 8in tall and weighs 140 pounds. He loves staying active and playing sports. Back in high school he was a gymnast, in fact. “I can do flips,” he says, “Bend my body in weird ways.”This debut solo reveals a smooth toned body, a good-sized, permanently hard cut cock and a delicious bubble butt and tight little arsehole!

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