Active Duty: Eli

Meet Eli, the latest new recruit at Active Duty. He’s an Alabama farm boy; 22 years old; stands 6ft 1in tall and weighs in at a thin 157 lbs. He tells the cameraman a bit about himself before his solo, including how he lost his virginity at 15 in the back of his Dad’s pick-up truck!

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Active Duty: Orion

This week Active Duty is introducing us to a gorgeous new model by the name of Orion. He is like a bright, shining star in the sky, a special guy with a body to die for, a glorious smile, and sexy personality. He’s 5ft 10in tall and 165 muscular pounds with glowing skin, nice nipples, and an impressive infantry tattoo!

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Bentley Race: Dave Rossi

You just have to check out the latest new mate over at Bentley Race … the sexy straight lad Dave Rossi. Dave was the first guy Ben met up with during his recent trip to Europe. This 21yo Italian hottie was spending a little bit of time in Germany before heading off on a trip around the world. Dave told Ben all about some amateur porn films he’s been making with some friends in Berlin. They get together at different houses and film themselves doing all kinds of sexy stuff. So he was naturally quite at ease getting naked and getting hard in front of another guy for this shoot!

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Bentley Race: Axle Dean

Bentley Race met 23 year old Axle Dean while he was visiting Sydney recently. Ben gets a lot of guys wanting to get onto his site from Sydney, but only rarely ever get the chance to get up that way. Axle had just finished up at the gym down the road from Ben’s hotel when he headed to his photo shoot. On the surface Axle might look like many other young guys on the streets of Sydney, but wait till you see him with his gear off!

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