Active Duty: DJ

Here is another recent blast from the past, a never-before-seen special solo from Active Duty featuring the hung Marine DJ … in uniform! If you’re not too distracted by DJ’s beautiful eyes (and hot body), you might be drawn to the nine-inch stick between his legs. Yes, DJ is packing some major heat. When DJ joined Active Duty, he was fresh out of the Marines and was ready to start exploring life. And explore, he did! Check him out below!

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Fit Young Men: Pablo James

Pablo James from Fit Young Men is a straight 19yo Personal Trainer from England. He stands 5ft 8in tall, weighs 70kg, has a 28in waist and a 39in chest and his penis is 7 inches long and cut. The site now has over 760 models in over 950 shoots of fit and sexy young men … all ripped and athletic … and most of these stunning young men are in the nude!

Fit Young Men: Pablo James

Fit Young Men: Pablo James

Fit Young Men: Pablo James

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English Lads: Ryan Lewis

Ryan is a bit shy at the beginning of this shoot with English Lads … but as with many models, once their clothes come off and their cock is in their hand, they start to relax! So Ryan was slightly cautious at first, but he is soon enjoying showing off his body and Site Members will get to see that he isn’t shy about any of it … as they can enjoy his hole, surround by a blond fuzz, too! And when not showing his hole he is working that massive cut cock of his … which must be at least 8 inches long when fully hard!

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SpunkWorthy: Reed

Reed is a 22yo str8 Marine who’s heard from several of his girlfriends that he should do porn … and they’re right! He’s a corn fed jock with a helluva nice bod and a thick cock that was rock-hard from the moment he took it out of his pants! And Reed isn’t shy about showing off, either. The idea of getting naked for the SpunkWorthy camera seemed to turn him on even more.

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