English Lads: Will Carleton

Will is quite big all over, standing at 6ft 4in tall he towers over you with those dark features and sparkly eyes that really come to life when he smiles. With some clothes off, which happens very quick in this English Lads shoot, since this straight lad seems more comfortable naked than clothes, you can enjoy that lean and muscled body with plenty of untrimmed hair all over the place! Boxers on the floor and another thing that is long is an impressive uncut cock that is 5 inches when completely soft! A few tugs on his impressive cock and site Members will see that Will’s uncut meat is soon a throbbing erection that he messes with slow and teasingly …

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SpunkWorthy: Kurt

Kurt is a 22yo guy from a really small city in the south of the US and says that being in So Cal is a bit of switch for him. He had apparently just been talking with his roommate about getting into porn when he met the SpunkWorthy guys and did this shoot. He wasn’t sure if he was going to divulge to his roommate that he had made “The Leap” and actually gone through with it, but who knows, we might even be seeing Kurt’s roommate down the road.

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William Higgins: Nils Edberg

Nils Edberg is 27yo and lives in Liberec, where he works as a fitness trainer. As you can see in these images from William Higgins, he really enjoys body-building. Nils works through a series of great poses, which really shows his body to perfection. Then Nils lowers his underwear, to reveal his sexy butt cheeks and then, when the underwear come off completely, we get to see he has a delicious uncut cock too!

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Straight Fraternity: Turk

Twenty-one-year-old college student Turk is what Straight Fraternity would call an ‘otter’ – he’s very tall, lean and hairy. He was willing to come in and do a nude shoot … luckily for us … as he’s really quite gorgeous!

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