Straight Fraternity: Dax

The Straight Fraternity producer was really surprised, and happy, when Dax called him out of the blue to do another shoot. Seems the first shoot didn’t overly faze him out and he was now ready for more! Watch Dax as he strips naked, gets hard and shows off … we even get to see his arsehole!

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SpunkWorthy: Glenn

Glenn is a tall, lean 20 yo with blue eyes, blond hair and rosy cheeks. Glenn found out about making some cash whacking off on camera with SpunkWorthy from a friend of his …although the friend wasn’t so sure about it, Glenn was completely gung-ho … ready to go!

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Straight Fraternity: Peter

Peter was in need of some extra cash, so he called Straight Fraternity and agreed to do whatever they wanted … he’s 27yo and still a student, with a great body and a really nice cut cock and hairy butt hole … we get to see him get his cock hard and jerk off … enjoy!

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SpunkWorthy: Vince

Vince is a 25yo straight guy who is taking some time off before heading back to college. He was a wrestler in high school and definitely has the right build for it. At 5′ 6″ with a muscled and toned body, he’s quite the pocket-sized powerhouse as this nude SpunkWorthy shoot shows us … enjoy!

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