You Love Jack: Drew Parker

Drew Parker has a wonderfully hard 7 inch cut cock bobbing back and forth inside his boxer shorts … and he decides to film himself here with You Love Jack.  We get to see him reach inside his shorts, grab hold of his dick, give a sly smirk to the camera … then he pulls sit out for us to see it in all it’s glory … enjoy!

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One comment

  1. Lo mejor de lo mejor que ha llegado a “You Love Jack” es esta belleza de jovén.
    Drew lo tiene TODO:
    Cara, Cuerpo, Pene, Piernas y una piel inmaculada.
    Es el Adonis canadiense que todos desearamos tener en casa.
    Mis felicitaciones a Jack por haberlo traido y presentado en web.

    The best of the best that has come to “You Love Jack” is this young beauty. Drew has it all: Face, body, penis, legs and skin blemish. Canadian Adonis is the all want to have at home. Congratulations to Jack for having brought and presented on the web. Ciao! Trasiano

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