ChaosMen: Chet

Check out the baby blues on Chet! Wow, what a honey! He has very dark hair, and his blue eyes really pop! And if you like natural fur, this guy grew it out for this ChaosMen shoot. He is very hairy! Even his arm hair has a cowlick to it! You’ll love his beard too, and his bright white teeth also really pop nicely amongst all that dark fur. He’s got a very attractive, cut cock, with a big fat head on it … and once he is erect, he shows it off like a pro. Chet even makes it dance for the camera when he is on his knees!

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ChaosMen: Sebastian Long

Sebastian Long has a hot body and ChaosMen love his blond hair, beard, and pubic hair. He was super fun to do photos with and he took this solo shoot serious, but had a lot of sensual fun at the same time. Although has done gay porn before, he identifies as straight. He likes exotic women and has a kinky side when it comes to sex. He does enjoy having sex with men on film, but readily admits he is on the prowl for the ladies all the time.

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