ChaosMen: Joe

Joe’s mother has been sick many years, and he took over taking care of his siblings. One sister is about to go to college, while his brother is still in high school. To make ends meet during an emergency, he took out a high interest loan, which he has all but paid down. ChaosMen found him to be a really sweet guy, and at the end of the year, he wants to thank the members of his site for pulling out their wallets and paying for porn. Joe is a prime example of how doing a little bit of adult work can make a financial difference in these guy’s tough private lives … makes you think doesn’t it!

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ChaosMen: Augustus

Augustus’s awesome body is from years of doing and teaching gymnastics. As a coach, he feels gymnastics is the best way to stay in overall shape, and from the looks of his body, it would hard to disagree! Augustus is not super tall at 5ft 8in, but is packing just over 8 inches of cock. It is a fat floppy cock that goes in every direction. He is very amiable and while he is not a natural show-off, he is definitely not embarrassed or shy in front of the ChaosMen cameras. Very confident, but not cocky!

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