Island Studs: Ottis

Ottis is a sexy young furry surfer with a HUGE nut sac from Long Island, New York. He has really BIG BALLS, that hang low and flop around in the hot Hawaiian sun throughout this video shoot with Island Studs. Bears will LOVE his hairy chest, legs and belly … Ottis is hairy everywhere! A real handsome bear cub with bright blue eyes and jet black head and body hair. He is a pleasure to be with! Everyone likes surfer Ottis! Listen to this laid back surfer talk on camera about surfing the waves, women, and nude modelling. He loves all three! But he is most “stoked” by stroking his greasy hard dick outdoors in the tropical heat for the cameras. “I love being naked,” he says, “It beats wearing clothes!” This horny stud is rock hard for most of this shoot.

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