Island Studs: Carter

The Island Studs guy met Carter and his lovely girlfriend on a popular tourist beach while they were on vacation in Hawaii. Carter approached him while he was sitting alone in the sun, drinking a beer and enjoying the eye candy around him. He asked if he could “bum a beer”, to share with his girlfriend. He revealed that it was his last cold beer, but that he had more at the house just a short walk away. If he wanted to come back he would give him a beer for both him and his girlfriend. Carter immediately ran back to his girl to let her know that he was leaving and would be back soon with some beer! On the walk back, Carter asked what kind of work the Island Studs guy was in. Without hesitation he told him about Island Studs. “Gosh”, he said in his sweet southern accent, “would I make the cut to model for ya?” “Yes”, he replied not thinking he was serious. “If I did ‘IT’ right now, would I get paid right now?” he asked. “Yes,” he relied, still not convinced that he was serious. Well … Carter modelled that very same day, spontaneous and unexpected … enjoy the pics!

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