ChaosMen: Aiden

Wow! What a big cock Aidan has! A full nine inches of cut meaty manly goodness! Aidan just turned 19 and had been debating about doing some adult work. He’s mostly into women, but has messed around with a few guys too, and ended up deciding to try out with ChaosMen for his porn debut. Aren’t we lucky … you can check him out below!

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Sean Cody: Jayden

“So,” Sean Cody mentioned, “the carpet does not match the drapes?” … Jayden laughed. His pubic hair is clippered, but it is definitely ginger. And the rest of his hair is dark brown. “Yep,” he said with a smile, but without further comment. After a little prodding, Sean discovered that he had “redhead tendencies” as a kid, but his hair grew darker as he got older. Everywhere, that is, except down there! Jayden is a beefy, muscular guy who spends a lot of time in the gym. He has a nice thick cock and big balls …

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Sean Cody: Zach

“You have an adorable accent … Where’s it from?” asked Sean Cody. “England,” Zach replied. “Really? What the hell are you doing over here?” asked Sean. “You know, just hanging out, enjoying California.” Because of his olive skin and dark hair, Zach isn’t exactly the type you’d expect to be from rainy London. “Most people think I’m Mediterranean,” he explained. “Until I open my mouth.” Zach has a story that we’ve heard before. He moved to America to be with a girl he met abroad. They broke up and he decided to stay. “I’m having too much fun,” he said, flashing a really cute smile. Once he was undressed, Sean noticed another surprise … a nice, hairy chest!

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