English Lads: Jack Marlborough

Jack is one of these super confident young teenagers, at just 19yo he has played lots of rugby and loves swimming and working out at the gym … and as you can see it sure has developed his into a fine specimen of manhood, with great size muscles and really strong definition. Jack enjoys showing off his muscles and just can’t wait to strip down and show the English Lads cameras how he looks in some different and quite small underwear and jock-straps. Site Members will get to see that there isn’t much room in some of them to cover all his tackle, since Jack has a big uncut cock … about nine inches long … and real thick!

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Sean Cody: Owen

Owen is a military guy. “I enlisted right out of high school,” he told Sean Cody. “It was definitely what I wanted to do …” “So you learned a lot?” Sean asked. “Had some interesting experiences?” … “I had three deployments to Iraq,” he replied. “It was pretty wild.” Owen loves spending as much time in the gym as possible and he loves cooking. “The food in the military was awful!” he told Sean. “I don’t miss that!” .. he also has a very hard, fat cock and was so existed during this shoot there was pre-cum dripping out the piss-slit like a leaking water faucet!

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