English Lads: Patrick West

Patrick is a young man who plays football and goes to the gym a lot and as a result has one of those ripped bodies with nice sized muscles … and the odd tattoo! He has started to enjoy showing off his body, and as he strips and steps out of his boxers, English Lads members can watch his uncut cock, as it rises up to become one very stiff erection! He has one of those cocks that can’t move once he is hard, since it’s just so rock-solid! Patrick enjoys showing off his body, is pretty hair free, only a little on his legs and hardly any round his hole!

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English Lads: Luke Murphy

English Lads likes meeting models like Luke; he can dress in pretty much anything and make it look good. Dressed in not very much and you can enjoy his tattoos, lean body sprinkled with a little hair … but just wait til he is naked! He has a lively uncut cock, well hung at just over 7 inches and wow, how hard does he get! It’s one of those rocket cocks that sticks up straight against his abs! Nothing goes undiscovered today, he even shows off his arse, and his hole, to site members!

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English Lads: Danny McCaw

Danny is a very hot young man who plays guitar and is just starting to play the piano; he is great at music and is discovering it can be a whole load of fun taking off your clothes and entertaining gay men with your clothes off too! Danny’s body is really well-defined, with perfectly proportioned muscles and English Lads Site members also get to see that when he pulls down his pants he has a heavenly uncut cock … and it’s the sort of dick that goes from soft to hard very fast, and once hard, stays pointing up like a rocket! Check out the video of Danny too … he’s quite the sweetie, and musically talented too!

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