Bentley Race: Nicolas Cruz

Nicolas was amazed at how see through his Aussiebum speedos became when he got them wet. Nicolas is an extremely handsome Spaniard that Zac, the Bentley Race photographer, was hanging out with during their stay in Barcelona earlier this year. He met this 22 year old personal trainer one afternoon on Grindr. It wasn’t long before Nicolas was on the doorstep ready for his first shoot with Zac … see it all at Bentley Race.

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Southern Strokes: Dodge Fuller

As soon as Dodge stepped out of his truck upon arrival at the Southern Strokes Ranch and gave everyone a “howdy”, the Producers just couldn’t wait to get him out of his britches and check out his business. Dodge is a 21 year old country boy from up near the panhandle and he loves to share a little southern hospitality around. Dodge may be straight, but he likes showing his shit off and it don’t matter who might be watching or interested. Dodge took off his clothes revealing his nice defined chest and his rippled abs. Dodge greased up his big pole and started to stroke it from his ball nut sack up and over his mushroom head. Then he spread open his legs and showed off that region where the sun don’t shine!

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Sean Cody: Grayson

Grayson is no stranger to standing in front of the camera. In fact, he started modelling when he was younger and landed some very big-profile bookings, both in runway shows and print. He told Sean Cody that modelling also led to his first man-on-man experience while on a job! He’s confidently bisexual and when having sex with guys is versatile … in fact, when asked which he prefers, he replied … “Depends on the mood I am in. Sometimes I wanna fuck … Sometimes I wanna get fucked!” … smart man!

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