Lucas Kazan: Luca Armi

Luca Armi heats up the Brazilian Summer over at Lucas Kazan: ripped, tanned, sexy, this 24 year old has it all … and he knows it. “With the girls, I like it tender”, says Luca. “With the boys, instead, I like it rougher. You know, it’s a game of domination/submission …”. Watch him flex his muscles and show off for the camera: with a rock-hard, flawless body like that, it’s no wonder Luca is a bit of an exhibitionist too!

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English Lads: Vince Giles

Vince is a young French man who was simply born to be naked! He is definitely one of the English Lads models who is more comfortable out of his clothes than in them and since he has the advantage of being able to sneak off to France in the summer, he has a lovely tanned body, nice and lean with excellent definition. When naked he is happy to just lie around, sometimes he has a play with his uncut cock, other times he just lies and chats to the cameraman!

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English Lads: Doug Mitchell

Doug recently did a photo shoot for the English Lads sister website, Fit Young Men, and he proved very popular! He has one of those naturally athletic bodies from the many sports he plays and natural looking with hair in all the right places; no over manicuring going on here, Doug is proud of his body and it just looks great; why don’t more lads leave their body hair to grow naturally! Tall and muscular his body is strong and hard, when this cocky lad reveals his cock looks like it has also been allowed to grow and not be trimmed! Doug has one lovely great big uncut cock that hangs low when soft and sticks straight up when hard; we all love showers that are growers!

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