Active Duty: Dante

Active Duty has decided to share with us their new luscious new War Chest recruit, Dante. Dante is 6ft 2in and weighs around 170 lbs. He loves shot-put, basketball and jerking off. He’s playful, has a good sense of humour and is hung like a Howitzer … seriously. But there’s much more to this tall, lean sexy devil than just his huge gun, Dante has personality for days and a beautiful body to boot.

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Southern Strokes: Tim

Say hello to a new Southern Strokes model … a preppy country lad named Tim. He has just what it takes to go far in this industry … with his tall good looks, dark hair, piercing eyes and adventurous personality. Tim was sitting on the chair telling the camera crew about his first experience he had with a guy when he was just a teenager in high school and how he gave a blow job to his neighbour. The story got everyone turned on, including Tim, so by the time he started to undress and tug on his cock through his khaki shorts, it was already rock-hard!

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SpunkWorthy: Taylor

Taylor is one tall, lean guy, standing at 6ft 3in tall … and not shy in the dick size department, either, pulling out a nice cut 8 incher from behind his jeans. Taylor identifies as “bi” and has played around in both fields, but the SpunkWorthy cameraman got the feeling that he’s into guys a bit more. Taylor admitted he was a little nervous for his porn debut, but clearly leaned more toward excited. It took him barely a minute before unleashing his inner porn star, proudly brandishing his big dick … all hard and stiff, in all its glory, for the camera.

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