English Lads: George Craig

George is a young man with bundles of energy … he plays a lot of football and is very relaxed showing off his lean and smooth body to the English Lads cameras. He is confident and cheeky in his clothes but, as they come off, he seems to be enjoying himself even more! Site Members get to see him pull down his jeans and reach inside his boxers and pull out a big uncut cock that is already semi aroused. He doesn’t need any encouragement, this young man grabs his uncut cock and toys with it till it is good and hard!

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English Lads: Chester Loxley

Chester is an athletic young straight hunk who has played loads of sports and recently trained hard for MMA which has produced his rock hard abs. He is full of confidence and likes the idea of showing off his body for the English Lads cameras. According to his mates, two of whom the cameraman knows well, he is prone to pulling his cock out with the slightest prompting. Site members will see that Chester is one hung hunk … his cock when soft is around 6 inches long and pretty chunky .. but get him all hot and aroused and his uncut cock sticks up and touches nearly nine inches!

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Sean Cody: Stewart

Stewart is a 21-year-old bartender from the east coast of the US. “I love it,” he said, referring to his job. “I get to meet all kinds of people.” “Don’t you have to deal with them getting messy sometimes?” Sean Cody asked. “Oh sure,” he replied. “But that’s half the fun!” … Stewart has lived in the same place all his life, but he travels a lot. “My girl friend is a flight attendant,” he told us. “She gets free tickets, so we go together a lot.” Stewart also loves sports. “I was big into lacrosse in high school. I also played football and I wrestled.” Stewart then shows of his tight, fit body … amazing abs, nice butt and hard, cut cock!

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