Southern Strokes: James Lock

Southern Strokes have found a hot young guy, who looks like Bruce Springsteen’s son, in Austin, TX lookin as hot as ever with his jeans, leather and chains. His name is James Lock, and he loves cars almost as much as he loves his rock and roll. He has piercing blue eyes that can get lost in all his accessories but none the less he can give a look that will drop you to your knees. James is 5ft 8in tall with a nice worked out body and a hot defined chest with just a tuff of hair going down the centre but stopping before getting to his nice and natural happy trail. When James took off his pants, he revealed his semi-hard cock, with hair in all the right places.

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Southern Strokes: Carter

Say hello to 23 year old southern gym rat Carter. Carter came straight from the gym (where he spends 4 hours a day lifting) to this Southern Strokes photo shoot.. From email conversations the cameraman expected him to be beefy but he sure didn’t expect a country boy turned power lifter! He seemed a little uncomfortable at first, but after a brief chat on the couch, Carter pulled off his green baller shorts and started stroking his chubby cut cock.

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Southern Strokes: Gino

Gino had just arrived back in Dallas from a stint in the military when he contacted Southern Strokes about doing a video. Gino had been checking out the gay porn industry and decided that he wanted to give it a whirl. So they invited him up to the Ranch so they could check him out. Gino is one of those guys that will do just about anything you want him to. Once he was naked, they pretty much left him that way all day so that they could admire his hairy chest and abs. Gino was loving all the attention and clearly getting turned on by all the looks. So much so, that when he sat back on the couch, he willingly pulled up his legs so the camera could get some great shots of his supple butthole.

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