ChaosMen: Lucien

Lucian is half Moroccan and half Jamaican. Though he has exotic looks, he grew up in the South of the USA and has a really nice Southern accent. He spends most of his time working outdoors, and he considers himself a country boy. ChaosMen were impressed to see that he has a nice 7.5 inch cut cock, that he strokes to full length in no time … and it is fun to watch his balls bounce around as he is getting his dick hard. Also, check out all the pre-cum dripping out his hard cock … this guy was seriously turned on by getting naked on camera!

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ChaosMen: Constantine

ChaosMen found Constantine to be polite and eager to please. He basically lives in the middle of nowhere, so it was a whole day of travel for him to get to the studio. Yet he arrived fresh, energetic, and happy to please. Constantine is straight and a tad nervous, so it took him a bit to get fully hard. But once he was up, his cock kept dripping pre-cum. He was SO TURNED ON! Check it out below!

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Sean Cody: Keane

Sean Cody was looking at Keane and his amazing body and matter-of-factly said “I bet you play rugby!”. Keane laughed. “I just met you,” he replied. “How did you know?” It wasn’t hard. Keane truly looks the part. He has the stature of one of those huge English studs that run around the field and occasionally get their shorts pulled down by a teammate! It was also obvious because Keane is a big dude. He’s over six feet tall and heavily muscled, with a furry chest, huge legs, and an ever-hard cock that dripped a ridiculous amount of pre cum.

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ChaosMen: Kai

Kai is a 20yo gay lad who used to be heavier, but has recently been focusing on his body and, although he has matured into a fit young man, he’s still boyish in many ways. He is not quite used to his new look, and is really having fun showing it off for the ChaosMen cameras, as evidenced by the pre-cum dripping from his piss slit. At only 5ft 7in tall, he has a very thick cut cock, and as you will see, he is rather nicely endowed length-wise too.

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