English Lads: Sebastian Edwards

Sebastian is a very keen rugby player and English Lads warmed him up with a couple of sporty shoots for their sister site, Fit Young Men, so by the time you see him today he is brimming with confidence and really enjoying showing off what he has! It is not a bad list of assets, muscular body covered in a light dusting of blond hair, honey bronzed skin, with a cute white butt and one of those long dangley uncut things that hangs ample when soft and fattens up nice and thick and even longer when hard!

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ChaosMen: Dixon

Dixon is of mixed heritage … three-quarters Vietnamese and one-quarter German … and 100% hot!  He’s kinds shy, but obviously spends a lot of time working out – just check out that butt.  ChaosMen popped in some straight porn for him to watch during this shoot – he’s totally into blonde, blue-eyed girls, and it wasn’t long before he was up and ready for action and his banana-shaped dick sure is something worth checking out!

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Sean Cody: Karl

It was difficult not to smile and have a good time around Karl. In fact, he and Sean Cody actually spent a lot of time together at the beach on the day of this shoot. Karl has been a fan of the Sean Cody site for about six years. And, he definitely has his favourites! He’s an admitted admirer of all things men, especially legs and body hair. It is clear that Karl really likes a man who is a bit scruffy, masculine, and hung enough to give him a great fuck.

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