ChaosMen: Vin

Vin looks remarkably like actor Eric Balfour and you gotta say he is a SUPER sexy guy. He has Italian heritage and before this shoot for ChaosMen has done cam work and a solo shoot too. His body is nice and lean, the goatee beard adds a lot to his great looks and his cut cock is a nice size (bigger than Eric’s from memory) … check him out!

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English Lads: Sam Jones

Sam is a tall and lean young man who discovered a mate of his modelled for the English Lads website a few years ago and he thought he would try it out too! His mate doesn’t yet know his footsteps have been followed and Sam jumped in with real enthusiasm; his clothes come off and reveal a near hair free smooth body and a nice long uncut cock, seemingly soft for a few seconds and then it quickly rises up to one of those rock hard rocket cocks! He is enjoying himself …!

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Southern Strokes: Ace Harper

Say hello to the newest Southern Strokes stud to visit the Ranch; Ace Harper. Enjoy these images of Ace, as he stood up and took off his jeans and boxers so that the camera could get a good look at all of him. He is 6ft 1in tall, and 170 lbs of pure muscle. This southern boy has 4% fat. After giving everyone a good look at his perfect little ass, Ace sat down and starting greasing his already hard cock … Ace definitely isn’t shy … and his cock is certainly worth looking at!

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English Lads: Lewis Cartwright

Lewis is a young personal trainer who has discovered it is as rewarding to train someone as it is to take your clothes off and show off on camera with English Lads! He is tall and muscular with a really lean and ripped body and just a sprinkling of hair in the right places. Lewis is pretty relaxed with no clothes on and he just smiles some more … he’s also one of those growers, his uncut cock is a little shy at the beginning, but once touched he pumps it up into an impressive erection that throbs in time with his heart rate! Site Members will get to see Lewis puts on a great show, his straight man-hole is slightly hairy, his erection is even harder and …

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