Hard Brit Lads: Prince Sayed

Starting off with an interview, tall, dark and handsome bisexual lad, Prince Sayed, chats with the Hard Brit Lads film crew about how he keeps fit and what he is into. He has a laid back, relaxed manner and a deep sexy voice. Then he settles back and gets comfortable and naked. His girthy dick has a very sexy slight downward curve when he’s hard. When it hangs semi hard between his legs it looks seriously hot!

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Hard Brit Lads: Theo Ford

With model good looks, tall and muscular Irish lad, Theo Ford, chats first to the Hard Brit Lads camera crew about how he keeps fit and the type of guys he goes for, and then the solo begins with Theo rubbing the already throbbing bulge in his shiny Adidas running shorts. Stripping down to his white undies, Theo rubs his big hard pecs and nipples, then pulls down his briefs. His stiff dick springs out, and he gently slides his foreskin back and forth over the head …

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