Bentley Race: Zak Bray

Zak Bray is back with Bentley Race getting his gear off in the studio. Ben had managed to get Zak in for one more shoot before the winter break and reckons Zak is one of the nicest guys from Melbourne that he’s met for shoots. He’s super fit, has a gorgeous smile and gets horny very quickly. Zak gets down to his white undies as Ben grabs some photos of him on and around the bed. Eventually he loses the underwear and strokes his cock to erection.

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ChaosMen: Jake Ducati

How adorable and sexy is Jake Ducati! And according to ChaosMen, he’s really nice too! This Italian lad has a great face sprinkled with freckles, giving him an innocent charm. He is an out and proud 22yo guy who has been with his boyfriend for over a year. His BF is fine with him doing adult video, and may even give it a try too! Jake has a hot body as well … hairy and toned. And his cock is amazing! It is nearly 7.5 inches hard, but it is that girth that will get ya! It’s over 6 inches thick.

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Gay Hoopla: Shaggy-Haired Young Man Auditions

This shaggy-haired young man was auditioning over at Gay Hoopla recently. He’s such a handsome, well-spoken and proper young man. Or, at least he was, until he got his pants off (and he couldn’t wait to get them off). He was really pumped to do the nude photo shoot, but you will agree he’s quite the hottie! He’s a “grow-er”, not a “show-er”, but his balls are a truly impressive sight!

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