ChaosMen: Chad Taylor

Chad Taylor popped on to the ChaosMen radar back in early 2017 and over the years they have touched base several times, but it is only now that they finally got together for this photo shoot. Back in 2017 he was a young pup, with no body hair to speak of, yet thickly muscled. In the meantime, he’s done some shredding and leaned up his look. He is married and straight, but will do gay for pay work so long as he’s the top. He has done a lot of nude modelling, and was not shy in the least!

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ChaosMen: Augustine

Augustine sure has a nice long cock for a shorter guy! At about 5ft 5in he has an 8 inch cut cock. He told the ChaosMen cameraman that he can get it up to nine, but didn’t want to over sell it. Regardless, on his small frame it looks more like 10 inches! The proverbial kick stand! He’s quite hairy, straight and likes red-headed girls; especially one’s with nice arses … seems he likes to try sliding his monster into tight places!

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