Bentley Race: Chris Bass

Aussie Chris Bass has been making his own home-filmed porn for his Tumblr page, and it’s really impressed Bentley Race, as it reminded Ben a lot of the way he himself got started … making porn at home in his bedroom and posting it on the net. So Ben invited Chris over to do a photo shoot with photographer Zac Frevo. Apart from having a larger then normal cock and a few special tricks, Chris is super sweet guy! He looks great as he gets naked revealing a nicely toned body and very long cut cock!

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Bentley Race: Ethan Cooper

Check out the newest mate now over at Bentley Race. Ethan Cooper came around to Ben’s hotel during his recent visit to San Francisco to model for Ben’s buddy Zac Frevo. The guys had started chatting on Grindr when Zac asked Ethan if he would be interested in getting his gear off on camera for him. And from looking at the results I am sure we are all glad that the guys did get together. 22 year old Ethan is pretty dam cute. He has a very natural slim, hairy body and occasionally flashes that cheeky grin at Zac as he pulls another pose. But wait until you see the size of that monster in his pants!

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Bentley Race: Sarpa Van Rider

When Ben’s hot mate Sarpa came back for a new shoot at Bentley Race he wanted to do something different with him in the local streets. This BTS video follows Sarpa and Ban around some of the lanes of Melbourne and up into a hotel as Ben grabs some test shots with the new camera. Later they returned to the warm studio where Sarpa could get all of his gear off. The photos from out in the street look pretty good. But wait until his see Sarpa posing in those little shorts and jockstrap …

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