Bentley Race: Lucas Deen

One of Ben’s favourite mates to shoot with is Lucas Deen. The guys starting hanging out and shooting stuff for the Bentley Race site earlier this year. Lucas loves to show off for the camera and fool around during the shoots. Just as Ben was finishing up for the winter break Lucas came around for this shoot. It’s funny that he chose a bright pink tracksuit … but you have to admit, he looks pretty masculine in it anyway!

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Bentley Race: Nicolas Cruz

Nicolas was amazed at how see through his Aussiebum speedos became when he got them wet. Nicolas is an extremely handsome Spaniard that Zac, the Bentley Race photographer, was hanging out with during their stay in Barcelona earlier this year. He met this 22 year old personal trainer one afternoon on Grindr. It wasn’t long before Nicolas was on the doorstep ready for his first shoot with Zac … see it all at Bentley Race.

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