William Higgins: Petr Caruk

Petr Caruk is a very handsome 21yo straight guy doing his first nude photo shoot here for William Higgins. He is a carpenter by trade, and enjoys sports, jogging and fitness in his spare time. As he removes his jeans and underwear, he turns towards the camera and shows off his soft uncut cock. Turns out it’s a real grower and his dick is soon rock-hard, and certainly looks very good indeed as it pokes out in front of him with the foreskin retracted and the crimson-purple head all naked and exposed. Then Petr lays on the bed, and while holding his stiff dick in his hand, he lifts his legs and shows off his tightly puckered arse hole. He grabs his butt cheeks and pulls them wide apart for a better look … nice to see a straight guy being so helpful and generous in allowing us such a great view!

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Sean Cody: Caleb

Caleb is a stunningly handsome young man with a big sexy smile; trim, fit body; some interesting tattoos and a rock-hard 7 inch cut cock, which is surprisingly large, as he’s only 5ft 4in tall! In this scene from Sean Cody he starts off outdoors, down by the beach, that sexy smile as broad as ever, looking tanned and fit in the sunshine. Back indoors he gets naked and hard and shows off his sexy body for the cameras … quite the hottie!

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Straight Off Base: Finn

Finn is a sexy, beefy military hottie doing this nude photo shoot for Straight Off Base. He’s a gorgeous looking piece of masculinity … big, muscular and smooth torso, handsome face … a sexy treasure trail leading down to his neatly trimmed pubes beneath which nestles his thick shafted cut cock. Round the back his bubble butt cheeks, which he kindly parts, to allow us to see his normally well-hidden hairy arsehole!

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Fit Young Men: Kuba Dunin

Kuba Dunin from Fit Young Men is a 20yo straight lad from Poland who is a Gymnast. He stands 6ft tall, weighs 82kg, has a 32in waist, a 42in chest and his penis is uncut. The site now has 583 models and 726 shoots of fit and sexy young men … all ripped and athletic … and most are in the nude!

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