Fit Young Men: Vince Azzopardi

Vince Azzopardi from Fit Young Men is a 23yo straight Kick Boxer from England … he weighs 80 kg, is 6ft 1in tall, has a 40in chest and a 32in waist and his penis is 9 inches long and uncut.

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Bentley Race: Skippy Baxter

Skippy has been working out a lot lately and the results are really starting to show. Bentley Race was able to him to get completely naked in the hot tub and we end up seeing his fat-headed cut cock when he stands up!

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BelAmiOnline: Claude Sorel

Claude Sorel is Johnny Bloom’s best buddy. When Johnny first arrived at BelAmiOnline, somewhat afraid of his own shadow, and his decision to shoot porn, he brought Claude Sorel with him for moral support. Eventually, Claude decided that he wanted to join in as well. Both lads now shoot regularly and are currently on exclusive contracts …understandably too. … just check out the perfect body and uncut cock on Claude!

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Sean Cody: Zachary

Zachary, the newest model over at Sean Cody, is one seriously hot young man … handsome, fit, a prime piece of beef to be sure. And that’s just when he’s still got his short on! Soon tho, his soft cut dick is popping out the side of his shorts and not long after that he is stark naked and rock-hard … what a sight, be still my beating heart!

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