English Lads: Joel Shaw

Young lad Joel has a very cheeky smile and looking at the bulge in his jeans he is also pretty excited about his shoot with English Lads! As his jeans drop down you can’t miss his jam packed briefs with his cock soon sticking out the side! He has one very hard erection and he enjoys playing with the foreskin and treating his cock like a gear stick of his car!

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Fit Young Men: Tomas Handley

Tomas Handley from Fit Young Men is a straight 21yo Boxer from England. He stands 5ft 11in tall, weighs 74kg, has a 31in waist and a 39in chest. The site now has 438 models and 539 shoots of fit and sexy young men … all ripped and athletic … and most are in the nude!

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Sean Cody: Simon

Simon loves the beach and all sports related to it … plus he doesn’t go anywhere without his skatebaord! He was over at Sean Cody showing off his tanned, fit body, sexy smile and cut cock … just take a look at the fat head on that thing too … quite a large mushroom cap there buddy!

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Bentley Race: Jet Wellington

Apart from his good looks and over-sized dick, Bentley Race reckons 22yo Sydney lad Jet Wellington is actually a lot of fun to hang out with. If he wasn’t straight, he’d make a perfect boyfriend … hell, I sure wouldn’t kick him out of my bed, at least not on purpose!

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