Fit Young Men: James Hurst

James Hurst from Fit Young Men is a 23yo straight Skateboarder from England … he weighs 75kg, is 6ft tall, has a 39in chest and a 32in waist and his penis is circumcised.

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English Lads: Marc Bozzi

Marc is a young straight man who was born in Italy and has since lived in many different countries; this is a young man with confidence, experience and a willingness to try new things! As his clothes come off for the English Lads cameras, you can admire his athletic body. He plays lots of sports, kayaks a lot and so his shoulders and core are rock solid! His body is ripped all over and when his boxers come off Site Members can see his uncut cock as it rises up and stands as proud and as rock solid as the rest of his muscles!

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ChaosMen: Tegan

Tegan is half Syrian, gay, and has always wanted to do porn. In person, he is calm and deliberate … he takes his time before speaking, and never seems rushed. This solo is much the same. After the interview with the ChaosMen cameraman, he sits back down with his soft cock, occasionally nudging it, tugging on it, or tweaking the head. Letting it come to life on its own. If you like watching a cock slowly get hard with the bare minimum of action, then this video is for you.

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BelAmiOnline: Kenny Olsen

Kenny Olsen is a great looking young man from BelAmiOnline. He’s slim, fit, and well-tanned, with a smooth torso, nice uncut cock and, when he turns around, a gorgeous butt, and he’s not afraid to show off his hole either!

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