Active Duty: Troy

Troy is a man with a gleaming smile, smooth body, built chest and just gosh-darn pretty eyes. He stands 5ft 10in tall and weighs a muscular 205 lbs. He’s got a natural build that’s all farm-grown from physical labour. For his hobbies, Troy says he loves anything outdoors, including playing football and wrestling. Check out his debut solo pics with Active Duty below …

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ChaosMen: Clyde

Clyde has done some video work before, and decided he wanted to come play at ChaosMen. He is a bit of home boy, and has the “chill dude” thing going on. He has a great face and very sexy smile, extremely well-build body, without being overly-muscled, and lovely hairy legs …

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Fit Young Men: Ed Hart

Ed Hart from Fit Young Men is a 22yo English lad with some Greek heritage for good measure.  He’s straight, plays Soccer and is 5ft 10in tall and weighs 78kg.

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SpunkWorthy: Cliff

Cliff is a 22yo straight guy who considers himself an adrenalin junkie. So making his first porn video seemed like a natural leap for him. When it comes to sports, Cliff has tried them all. He was on the baseball, football, and wrestling teams all through high school, and still works hard to keep himself in shape. At first, he wasn’t too sure about jacking off for the world to see here at SpunkWorthy, and said he felt he was going to be a little nervous. You’d never know it, though. His dick is rock solid and he barely looks at the Str8 porn DVD playing in the background.

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