Active Duty: Boyd

Active Duty model Boyd is gorgeous, with piercing blue eyes, saucer nipples, and rock hard abs. This 6ft tall gent weighs in at 160 pounds, with buzzed blond hair … every inch of his smooth body is sexy.

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Southern Strokes: Andy: Audition

Fresh home from college, Andy knew that the Southern Strokes Ranch wasn’t too far from his home, so he hit them up with a few pics and said that he was a fan … they immediately invited him over. 22 year old Andy is 6 ft tall with a slender build and that country twang that makes a hawt southern boy even hawter. Make sure you catch Andy’s story about the first time he had sex with another guy. It was an older gentleman in the spa at the gym when Andy was just 15. Depending on his mood, Andy is ready to go Top or Bottom just as long as there is dick involved. I think that Andy is actually more comfortable out of his clothes than he is fully dressed.

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Sean Cody: Dillon

On the outside, Dillon looks like a jock. However, after talking to him for just a few minutes Sean Cody reckons he could tell he’s just a big softy, with a little bit of dorky thrown in. He’s 24 and he’s cut and in shape. He looked great naked …

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Island Studs: Scooter

Whether you like young blond twinks or not, cute 18 year old surfer Scooter will seduce you with his boyish smile, smooth hairless young body and his big young cock! This shoot with Island Studs is his first time ever naked in front of a camera, but Scooter is not shy at all! He loves the camera and is a natural born porn star! Watch him stroke his big beautiful young cock outside by the sea in the bright morning sun. There is something so sexy about a skinny white boy with a man-sized dick dangling between his creamy white young thighs!

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