ChaosMen: Orin

Trying to mix things up a bit, ChaosMen found this cute guy from Egypt. You can tell Orin is all lean muscle … body-wise, but he sure has a mighty thick cock which was quickly standing at attention during this photo shoot!

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English Lads: Jack Forbes

Recently qualified as a personal trainer, Jack Forbes seems happy to strip out of his clothes and show off his body for the English Lads cameras. When you see him in his boxers, there might be a clue as to one of the reasons he is only to happy to strip off, because the bulge in his boxers suggests there might be something nice and large in there. Down they come and out pops an impressive uncut cock… it is vast when completely soft and looks pretty thick, but when he warms it up it just gets longer and thicker!

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Southern Strokes: Clark

Clark is 19 years old with dark curly hair and those glasses don’t prepare you for this stud. He may look like the studious book-nerd, but Clark once the Southern Strokes cameras started rolling, he kicked back outside and started stroking his cock. He seemed to forget that he was being filmed as he worked his shaft slowly but surely to full erection … a very nice sight!

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Fit Young Men: Brendan Middleton

Brendan Middleton from Fit Young Men is a straight 19yo Triathlete from England. He is 6ft 1in tall, weighs 77kg, has a 29in waist and a 39in chest.

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