Bentley Race: Drake Temple

You gotta check out the new mate over at Bentley Race … Drake Temple. Ben met Drake a couple of months ago during his brief stop off in San Francisco, just before flying home to Australia. Drake contacted Bee before he arrived in the States when he heard that Ben was going to be passing through. They met up in the foyer of Ben’s hotel and quickly headed back to his tiny room. Drake was a bit nervous at first stripping in front of Ben, but soon relaxed as he got his gear off. He’s certainly a great looking, masculine guy … beard, hairy body, washboard abs, bubble butt and hairy legs … but the most surprising thing was, for a US born guy, a delightful hard and uncut cock!

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Sean Cody: Chance

Chance is a hot new model over at Sean Cody. He is very good-looking, with a square jaw line that would make him a contended to play the next Superman! He has a smooth, defined chest, washboard abs and a nice treasure trail leading down to a trimmed bush and rock-hard cut cock.

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Fit Young Men: Andrew Hayden-Smith

Andrew Hayden-Smith from Fit Young Men is a straight 22yo Footballer from England. He is 6ft 1in tall, weighs 80kg, has a 31in waist and a 41in chest.

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Sean Cody: Roberto

Roberto is a new model over at Sean Cody … he is handsome, super-fit and well-toned guy. His pecs and abs are simply a glorious sight to behold! Plus he’s got a very sexy smile, very nice butt and a genuinely attractive and husband-sized uncut cock!

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