Sean Cody: Rene

Check out Rene, a new model over at Sean Cody. The guy is built like the proverbial brick shit-house … just look at the pecs and nipples on the man! Washboard abs, massive arms and shoulders round out this well-muscled lad.

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ChaosMen: Vaughn

Vaughn is a Persian guy who works out a lot, and likes the trimmed chest hair look. But, if you like dudes with fully natural pubes, you are bound to get a hair caught in the back of your throat with Vaughn. The guy has got major bush! Vaughn is straight, loves playing and watching sports, yet ChaosMen found him to be an intellectual type of guy. He seemed very obsessed with sports, along with fucking girls up the arse. The bigger the ass the better! He also found it a turn on to know that there would now be heaps of gay fans watching him naked online … go figure!

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Fit Young Men: Jason Darvey

Jason Darvey from Fit Young Men is a straight 24yo Footballer from England. He is 5ft 9in tall, weighs 66kg, has a 30in waist and a 39in chest.

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Southern Strokes: Aaron

Aaron did a shoot some time ago with Southern Strokes and he quickly became a member’s favourite, so today they are bringing us a fresh look at Aaron’s first visit to the Ranch with new footage and improved quality images. Aaron is a good looking young man, with a smooth torso, but very hairy legs, arms and butthole .. plus he’s got a very nicely sized and shaped cut cock, which looks great hard or soft!

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