Fit Young Men: Jaden Hicks

Jaden Hicks from Fit Young Men is a straight 20yo Personal Trainer from England. He is 6ft 2in tall, weighs 78kg, has a 31in waist and a 41in chest.

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SpunkWorthy: Mike Nelson

Mike is a 21yo straight dude who said he’s been thinking about trying his hand in porn. In case the tattoos and dog-tags didn’t already give it away … yes, he’s in the military. There seemed to be some fuzzy lines around his definition of “straight.” He told the SpunkWorthy cameraman a story about seven of his military buddies whacking off together around a porno mag … then apparently things went a little further. “We started jacking each other off,” he said with a laugh. “You know, it’s like helping a buddy out.”

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Active Duty: Jakub

The newest recruit at Active Duty is a Texan lad named Jakub. He is a compact guy who stands 5ft 6in and weighs in at 150 lbs. Back in high school he did football and track in his spare time, and now he likes to go out mudding. Mudding is taking a 4×4 truck out and driving through sloppy mud. So basically … Jakub likes it dirty.

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picturethis-studios: Danny Davis

Having spent most of last year travelling, hot UK porn star Danny Davis returns to picturethis-studios, his favourite website, for this new shoot. It’s good to see that despite his break away from the limelight, he has been working hard on his body, which is looking as fit and firm as ever before! It soon becomes obvious just how much this good looking guy has missed showing it all off, and is eager to have the camera get up close and personal once again …

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