College Dudes: Parker Mann Busts A Nut

Parker Mann is an 18 year old hottie and his exquisite body is a tribute to his athletic prowess. In addition to sports, Parker is an outdoors man, who loves hiking and surviving in the woods … primitive style. Thankfully, College Dudes pulled him in from the forest to give this incredibly hot strip and jerk session. Parker takes off his clothes to reveal a tanned, toned body, with a very nice cut cock and butt. Parker works his dick up right away, and with a little lube to help him out, he strokes away like any 18 year old might at home. He begins sitting down, then stands up to show us a full view of his sexy body from head to toe. Once Parker is reclining again, he even gives the cameras a peek at his virgin butt hole – it looks tight and inviting!

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English Lads: Jack Hardie

Jack is a keen footballer, and standing at over six foot, he is tall and lean, but with really nicely defined and solid abs and definitely one of these straight lads who becomes cheekier the less he has on! As he strips down to his boxers for the English Lads cameras, his face lights up and he freely grabs at his cock and plays with it in his boxers, then with no prompting, he just pulls it out and it seems like there’s only going to be hard uncut cock in the video today!

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picturethis-studios: Harrison Gray

Hunky Harrison Gray had such a good time doing his first ever solo porn shoot for picturethis-studios, that now, barely 2 months later, he’s back for more! This time the camera catches him enjoying breakfast in bed, and given that this hot British stud sleeps only in his underwear there is thankfully much less for him to take off, in order to sort out his impressively persistent early morning wood! This straight uncut 23 year old seems to love having the camera checking out his hot naked body as his cock is rock hard from the very start and refuses to go down!

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Squirtz: Mikey

Mikey is a good friend of Jimmy Bodine and when Jimmy told him about the Squirtz website Mikey decided he’d like to give it a try. He was careful to point out that he’s a straight guy and really into girls. He’s in construction, plays a lot of sports and when he’s ready to blow off steam, he goes to the clubs. When he goes to the clubs, he’s on the prowl for sporty chicks. He did find that stripping naked and getting his dick hard while in front of another guy was a bit stressful … but when it was all over he decided that it was a lot more fun than he thought it would be.

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