Legend Men: Six Hung and Uncut Hunks

Legend Men have lots of big, muscular beefy guys showing off their big hard cocks … check out this group of hung hunks … all uncut too!

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College Dudes: Trent Ferris

Trent Ferris, at only 18 years old, already has sexy down. From his beautiful eyes to his big young cock, Trent is definitely fun to look at. Trent spends a lot of time on the beach, as evidenced by his tan and also his easy-going manner. Trent strips down for the College Dudes cameras to show his sexy 18 year old body – nice butt and nice cock and nuts with some nice hairy pubes.

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Butch Dixon: Sam Bishop

Don’t be fooled by his youthful looks, Sam Bishop from Butch Dixon is a highly sexed stud who is packing a pretty hefty weapon, a weighty length of meaty dick, with big balls, nestled between those hairy thighs!

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Squirtz: Jo Prince

These days, wherever you find Samuel Laroche, you’ll also find Jo Prince close at hand. Samuel was in for his Squirtz video a few weeks ago and Jo was back a few days later for his turn. In both cases the other was there to keep an eye on the proceedings (and maybe fluff a bit). Jo admits that before he and Samuel got engaged he was a bit of a player out at the clubs taking boys home regularly and was almost exclusively top. But now he’s monogamous and bottom only! Why would he change his sex life so radically? Because he and Samuel are in love, that’s why. With Jo’s pretty-boy face, toned torso and sweet, smooth arse, now we all know what turned str8 lad Samuel to the gay side!

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