TX College Boys: Aaron

On the outside Aaron is your typical frat boy … but get him naked on camera and he might surprise you. He is straight and has a girlfriend, but from the way he answered the TX College Boys ad, the Producer could tell it wasn’t just the money that made him want to do porn. It seemed like it was a good excuse, though, for him to maybe experiment a little … is he bi-curious?

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Fit Young Men: Simon Wells

Simon Wells from Fit Young Men is a straight 21yo guy from England who plays Rugby. He is 5ft 9in tall, weighs 77kg, has a 32in waist and a 41in chest.

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Sean Cody: Corey

Corey is a really big, tall guy! “Hello!” he said in the deepest, manliest voice Sean Cody had ever heard. “Nice to meet you.” He reached his hand out to shake Sean’s and it was apparently like a vice! For such an intimidating man he also had a very warm smile, and Sean quickly realized that he had a soft side too. “Wow!” Sean said again as he took his shirt off … “You’re built too!” … and he sure is … big and ripped!

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ChaosMen: Simon

Simon is full on gay guy who has a pretty mundane day job. Some nights he dances at clubs for extra cash, and everyone is always telling him he should do porn. He was looking for something more exciting to do and he ended up here with ChaosMen … luckily for us! He has a great body from years of gymnastics and is also pretty darn flexible. Simon says he doesn’t work out, but is “coasting” on the build he got from gymnastics.

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