ChaosMen: Aries

Wow! Aries is 23, former military, and likes both boys and girls! How great is that! Aries clearly likes to smile, loves to laugh, and just has some amazing energy. That energy is also sexual. He likes to show-off and be appreciated, and seems eager to please in this hot ChaosMen solo photo shoot.

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Active Duty: Steele

Meet Steele, the new recruit from Active Duty … he’s a red blooded, All-American college baseball jock who’s packing major heat in his pants. This straight South Carolina boy is 21 years old and stands 6ft 3in tall and weighs in at 168 lbs. He’s out in California visiting the sights, which include “beautiful girls, beautiful sun and nice water.” He’s a fan of snowboarding and extreme sports as well.

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picturethis-studios: Brad King

Along with all the fresh new exclusive faces the guys at picturethis-studios bring to their site each month, they clearly have a few favourites they like to invite back from time to time. Fresh faced Brad King is one of those guys … and today this sexy young English bricklayer is striping off in the locker room, and there is no denying just how turned on this 21 year old is to be back in front of the cameras, as his rock hard uncut cock causes his sexy light grey boxers to tent impressively from the moment his shorts have hit the floor!

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TX College Boys: Woody

Woody is very much the cowboy type and even speaks with a southern drawl. He told the TX College Boys cameraman about how he took the cowboy thing a bit far when he recently had a friend shoot him while he wore a bullet proof vest (you can see the scar on his chest!). Luckily he only had the wind knocked out of him and a scar to joke about in future years. Woody started his scene today by stripping off his shirt and fondling himself … teasing the camera a bit. Once he got completely naked he mentioned that he was definitely a grower … and he wasn’t lying. He gave us a great view of his arse as well.

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