ChaosMen: Deryck

Deryck is the typical straight guy … good-looking, and bit quiet and shy. He is just 18 and the girls seem to go crazy over him … but he says he never says much to them, but they clearly gravitate naturally towards him. He told ChaosMen that his sister is gay and when they go looking for hot ladies together, they often have to flip coins to see who is going home with who!

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Fit Young Men: Ed Harper

Ed Harper from Fit Young Men is a straight 22yo Badminton Player from England. He is 5ft 10in tall, weighs 85kg, has a 32in waist and a 42in chest.

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English Lads: Leo Benson

Leo Benson is a personal trainer and seems to already have a few admiring clients that have spotted he modelled for the English Lads sister website, Fit Young Men, a few months ago. So here he is back in front of the cameras again and going even further. On the day of this shoot it was real hot so photo shoot took place outside in the sunshine and it is fair to say he was real relaxed and enjoyed the sun beating down on his body and the gentle breeze blowing round his big dangly balls. Though once you see him naked, he needs those big balls to balance out that massively long uncut cock of his! Leo has quite a lot of body hair, quite natural and a nice bush.

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Butch Dixon: Vitor Jaguar

Vitor is a highly sexed Brazilian guy from Rio, with a beautiful hairy body and thick cock. He might look mean and when he’s horny, he fucks like a piston and takes no prisoners, but Butch Dixon found out that in person he’s a great guy with a sexy manner and very, very suckable uncut prick.

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