TX College Boys: Willie

Like many college boys the TX College Boys producers meet, Willie was low on rent money and figured he would try his hand at porn. He certainly has the dick for it. After bending over so they could get a peek of his sweet ass, he laid back and spread his legs. He quickly got hard and let the cameras see his full 8 inches of thick meat. It can be challenging getting pictures of straight boys out of their comfort zone on camera, but today the cameraman was able to get Willie to lay back and put his legs in the air, and then he even got on all fours so everyone could get a better view of his sexy butt and sweet arsehole. That was definitely a first for him, but he seemed ok with it.

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College Dudes: Jaime Cortez

Jamie Cortez is a hunky 20 year old Cuban-American with a high energy level and a taste for the finer things in life. Fortunately he is willing to bare all in this photo shoot … including his hot uncut Cuban fat one. Jaime has huge legs and an amazing upper body. As he strips his clothes off, the College Dudes cameras see it in all of its glory. Jaime then turns his attention down to his cock. He plays with the foreskin a little bit and then starts lovingly stroking his now fully hard pole …

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Sean Cody: Carl

Carl combines two of Sean Cody’s favourite things: hairy men and big dicks! “At home,” he said, “its cold all the time.” … “So all that body hair must keep you warm!” Sean laughed in reply. “Yeah,” he laughed too. “I guess so!” And then, of course, there is his cock … it’s truly huge! “Do you get a lot of compliments on it?” Sean asked. “Your cock, I mean?” … Carl seemed to get a little embarrassed. “Yeah,” he said. “Never had any complaints tho” … imagine that!

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Maverick Private Access: Jack

When Jack came in to audition for Maverick Males, he was a cute straight boy looking to make some money. He had a very nice tight and fit body, but he was very nervous. The first time out he had problems getting it up … but after a while he calmed down and managed to get hard and the result was a great photo shoot!

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