ChaosMen: Greyson

Greyson is one of ChaosMen model Shiloh‘s friends. Seems they might have tried dating once, but now seem to just be ‘buddies’. Greyson is a smart dude, just about to finish up college and head to grad school. He grew up kind of a bookworm, but has blossomed into a hot athletic stud. He has a big ‘ole smile that will charm you, an amazing arse, defined, slightly hairy chest … oh, and the dude has a very attractive dick too!

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ChaosMen: Joaquin

Joaquin is half Native American (Cherokee) and is obviously interested in fitness. He just turned 30 and is in amazing shape. He has a steady girl, and she is a fitness model too. He has done nudes with photographers, and is very natural in front of the camera. ChaosMen had been waiting quite some time to shoot him, as they had agreed to wait until his pubes grew back … and even now, they are totally manicured! Not only does this hunk have a hot body, but that cock, geeez! It is long and thick and perfectly straight. And it was apparently always hard! Easily one of the quickest photo shoots and solos they have ever shot!

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