Active Duty: Dante

Active Duty has decided to share with us their new luscious new War Chest recruit, Dante. Dante is 6ft 2in and weighs around 170 lbs. He loves shot-put, basketball and jerking off. He’s playful, has a good sense of humour and is hung like a Howitzer … seriously. But there’s much more to this tall, lean sexy devil than just his huge gun, Dante has personality for days and a beautiful body to boot.

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Active Duty: Brady

Brady is from Florida, he’s 23 years old, 6ft 1in tall and weighs approximately 175 lbs. He’s got some nice ink and the Active Duty cameraman gets him out of his shirt to show off his tattoos. As we look at his ink we also get a good look at his gorgeous nipples. Brady says he’s been fighting mixed martial arts (MMA) and one of his fights was on pay-per-view. He’s sporting some really sexy eyes and puts on a nice first show …

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Active Duty: Steele

Meet Steele, the new recruit from Active Duty … he’s a red blooded, All-American college baseball jock who’s packing major heat in his pants. This straight South Carolina boy is 21 years old and stands 6ft 3in tall and weighs in at 168 lbs. He’s out in California visiting the sights, which include “beautiful girls, beautiful sun and nice water.” He’s a fan of snowboarding and extreme sports as well.

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Active Duty: Dorian

Active Duty has just released this never-before-seen sensual solo of the incomparable Dorian! Dorian is the epitome of the poster-boy for the USMC. He’s 6ft 1in tall and 200 lbs. of rock-solid muscle, built like a brick house, reinforced with concrete, and he’s sporting the tats to prove his authenticity. This Marine is also a complete gentleman as well as being incredibly open-minded, laid-back and easy-going and not at all shy .. just check out his rock-hard fat-headed cut cock and then surprisingly, he also gives us some great close-up views of his arsehole too!

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