Bentley Race: Mark Green

Mark Green is a married straight guy who now lives in Chicago. He loves working out at the gym and building his body up, and he was really keen to meet up with Bentley Race when he was visiting the US recently to do some photos together! This shoot took place in Ben’s tiny hotel bathroom. Mark has got one of the best lean and ripped bodies Ben’s ever had in front of the camera … check him out below!

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Sean Cody: Casey

New Sean Cody model Casey is not even a little bit shy. He was actually disappointed that there weren’t more camera guys! “Where is my audience?” he asked jokingly. Casey was definitely great at making the camera crew all laugh. “I’m used to trying to make people happy,” he said. “I try to be that guy.” Casey’s dick was pretty much hard the entire time he was being filmed. “You are making my job very easy,” Sean told him. He laughed. “You don’t have to be kind to me,” he said. “I’ve been in the military. I can take it!”

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