Bentley Race: Mark Green

Mark Green is a married straight guy who now lives in Chicago. He loves working out at the gym and building his body up, and he was really keen to meet up with Bentley Race when he was visiting the US recently to do some photos together! This shoot took place in Ben’s tiny hotel bathroom. Mark has got one of the best lean and ripped bodies Ben’s ever had in front of the camera … check him out below!

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Sean Cody: Abe

“So, you’re fucking huge. How tall are you?” asked Sean Cody. “Six foot three,” Abe replied confidently. He is huge. For a 22 year old, he’s got a lot of muscle on him! “You like to call yourself a meathead apparently, too …” “Definitely claim that,” he said. “I used it a couple times yesterday!” “You’re all muscle. What part of you isn’t muscle?” “Probably my penis.” He had a big smile on his face! “Ah ha … Smart one too!”

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English Lads: Miles Gregory

New boy Miles recently did a photo shoot for the English Lads sister site, Fit Young Men, and he proved so popular that today he’s here to go a bit further! Miles strips off and shows he is pretty handy with a football, being able to kick it around and not be distracted by his big meaty (and hard) uncut cock whacking his thighs! A tall and lean lad, lots of hair, nothing trimmed and one nice bush and a well haired body … yum!

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Freshmen: Bobby Kanne

Bobby Kanne is 23 years old and comes from the Slovak/Hungarian border. This mature-looking lad is a professional soccer player who loves all kinds of sport, good food and having fun with his friends. Freshmen are so happy Bobby became part of their core team as his cheerful personality is really great to have around. You’ll soon see Bobby in hardcore action but for now you can enjoy this first nude photo set.

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