ChaosMen: Aubrey

Aubrey came in with his boyfriend recently to do this shoot at ChaosMen. The pair want to dip their toes (and dicks) into the waters of gay porn … and today is Aubrey’s turn! Aubrey says he is into mature guys, and says he is versatile. While at the start he was a little unsure where to look, this first time nude photo shoot ended up going well and really showed off his slightly hairy young body to the world nicely. He even spreads his cheeks and shows off his arsehole too!

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Active Duty: Ron

Ron just got out of the US Coast Guard boot camp and wanted to try the porn thing out to round out his bucket list. Everyone at Active Duty is very excited to see what this tall stack of muscle is hiding underneath his clothes. He stands 6ft 4in tall and is from Northern California. He is very nervous but still eager and ready to show off his milky white body and big hard cock!

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ChaosMen: Raymond

Raymond is one hot daddy! He had allowed all his body hair to grow back for this ChaosMen shoot, as he normally keeps it pretty-well trimmed back. He has a couple scars on his chest and forehead that he got in a car accident when he was younger, so if you were wondering, that’s what they are from. He’s straight and has been with the same girl for a while, who is normally the “bread-winner”. He is a very sexual guy, so he thought he would do some adult work to add to his contribution to the relationship … and here he is, in all his hairy, naked glory!

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