English Lads: Harvey Farquharson

Harvey is a professional Muay Thai fighter, having just returned from two years in Thailand this young hunk is a bundle of energy … his body full of the raging flow of male youth and hormones. He strips out of some of his clothes to show off lean and toned body, with some hair just where it looks great! He isn’t shy about showing off, and his cock pops out and pops straight up. His uncut cock is thick and long and is a bouncy as Harvey! This playful young man does a great job at showing off his body and he knows how to tease himself and the English Lads cameras!

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English Lads: Josh Hesketh

Josh is a handsome young man with a great job, but he’s discovered it is real fun to show off on camera … especially for English Lads. He is naturally athletic and plays lots of sports. He strips down to his briefs and flexes his bulging body and before long Site members will get to see his uncut cock as it flops out and into his hand … and note how quickly it points up to the sky. Josh has a nice long uncut cock like a tube of steel even turns over and shows off his hair free hole in a load of sexy and teasing positions!

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English Lads: Carl Mitchell

Carl is the older brother of one of the other English Lads models Doug and the two lads are proving to be quite competitive with the work they are doing! Both started on the sister site, Fit Young Men and have been curious to see how you all are rating their shoots, so now they are both on English Lads it will be interesting to see who wins the battle of the votes! Both lads share a lot in common, striking green eyes, dark features, large hands, hairy bodies and large uncut cocks that flap around, big soft and swells to a whopper!

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English Lads: Bradley Foster

Bradley did a photo shoot for the English Lads sister site Fit Young Men and enjoyed it so much he asked if he could do any other work. So he is here today for exactly that … what a nice body … and you even end up seeing him wank and shoot today! A nice difference from his first shoot where he was a little shy; today he turns up in his shoot and whips out his cock, it is perfectly formed, uncut and until a touch remains normal size. Then when he touches his cock in such a perfectly teasing way you can’t believe it rises up and Bradley is very soon hard and pumped showing off his hairy legs and dumps a load on to those equally hairy abs!

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