Bentley Race: David Sweet

It was a freezing cold day when Bentley Race invited 23 year old David Sweet back to his hotel room to model for him. He had only just arrived in Europe and was hugely impressed by the cut guys he was seeing on the streets of Budapest. David does a lot of modelling work, and with such a beautiful face and killer body, you can see why he would be popular. He happily threw on a pair of Speedos and posed for these shots. There are some amazing shots of David showing off that perfectly chiselled chest and tree trunk legs. Before long, David was getting excited and rock hard … like the rest of him, he has a gorgeous cock, and loves to show it off too!

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Sean Cody: Coleman

Coleman is the kind of guy who is a straight-A student, athlete, and the type most likely to be voted “most popular.” He’s got a charming personality, a killer smile, and one of the most amazing asses Sean Cody claims to have ever seen! Coleman was born and raised in southern California. He did a lot surfing when he was growing up. “My hair was really long,” he said. “I got it cut off a year or so back.” … “You look more like a Ken doll now!” joked Sean. “Well,” Coleman replied, “Some people say I look like more like a Senator now!”

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